The Ultimate Truth Behind the Gangstalking phenomenon!

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Truth Behind the Gangstalking phenomenon!”

  1. Technology has been developed that facilitates whole-group consciousness suppression. What does that mean? It means, effectively, that whole groups of people can be mass hypnotized. Hypnosis is the (temporary or not) “turning off” of the consciousness. All mind control is really hypnosis. If you’re gang-stalked, it’s because you can’t be hypnotized, so you notice other people who *are* hypnotized.
    You are in the 1-2 percent of humans who are truly not hypnotizable.

    Any intersex related genes in your genetic tree will facilitate this immunity. Other genetic traits also promote “hypnosis” immunity. All gang-stalking really amounts to is the hypnotic response to the
    mass hypnosis system (run by international corporate aggregate (defacto gubmint)).

    Note that in most cases, the harassers do not remember what they said/did. This is exactly the way it usually works with hypnosis. If you accuse them of doing something, they will look at you with a
    blank unknowing face, and ask you what the hell you’re talking about. Unless they initiate conscious communication with a friend who accompanies them, they will not make the necessary links in their brain to any of the stuff done under hypnosis. You can’t really blame these people. They are momentary puppets (the hypnosis can be turned off/on in less than 1/20 of a second).

    The hypnosis is done with “hard” or “soft” technology. The hard technology is the smart phone signal, and the soft technology is quantum entangled light – which is too much to describe with much detail here. Just don’t be angry with these people. They’re pawns because they don’t have your immunity genetics. They usually have absolutely no memory of such events.

    Best Regards, Good Luck,

    – The Scientist


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