The Deceptive Nature Of Synchronicities Sheds Light Into The Gangstalking Phenomenon, Schizophrenia, And Our Delusions!

10 thoughts on “The Deceptive Nature Of Synchronicities Sheds Light Into The Gangstalking Phenomenon, Schizophrenia, And Our Delusions!”

  1. Good day to you. I’m the person who posted the thread in the unexplained mystery forum titled: “support for us people who are deblitated because of anomalistic experiences like sychronicity and esp etc.” You commented on that post and I just came here to read your story so I could get closer to figuring out what could be going on here.

    after reading your story I must say it was very fascinating. And I could relate to almost everything. But unfortunately you lost me on the part about floating in your bed.

    I’m a rational scientific person who is suffering from severe synchronicity and OCD. But so far I’ve only exeprienced synchronicity.

    Your experience of floating seems to be a rare experience that far less people experience than the more common experience of synchronicity. In my opinion with all of my years of suffering extreme synchronicity just like you I would have experienced the floating at least once in my life and i have never experienced it.

    So with that being said since I fight to be a rational person and have had my share of the most debilitating synchronicities one could image, (without experiencing any type of levitation) I have to conclude that it’s more than likely not real and I feel that that one part of the story taints your whole entire story regarding the synchronicities.

    Your story started off very rational and scientific and
    I was really enjoying it and was close to a break through in finding peace with my own suffering.

    But when I got to the part about the floating it completely depressed me because it reminded me of other writers who dequised themselves as rational and skeptical but who are actually believers of woo the whole time.

    My advice to you regarding the floating is don’t claim that you actually did float without a doubt, but continue to question what actually happened without jumping to conclusions that you’re sure it happened. That’s woo woo thinking. But skeptical and rational thinking is always questioning everything you go through.

    You did a great job with this skeptical thinking with your synchronicity story but not so much in your floating story.

    Regarding your synchronicity story you said that you believe that we’re being controlled. Sometimes I’ve come to that same conclusion, and I actually think it could be in the realm of possibility due to the strangeness of the synchronicities that we have. But before we accept that as a fact. Let us both try to give other rational explanations a try before we make a final decision.

    There is a psychologist by the name of Kirby surprise who I mentioned in my original post on the unexplained mysteries website that you commented on.

    And I must say that his theory on the possible cause of these synchronicities is very powerful. His theory was the only rational explanation that could make me consider the possibility that it’s not paranormal and just normal.

    What I will say to you regarding the synchronicities is to keep your mind open to your theory, but alteast check out the research done by dr. Kirby surprise regarding these experiences before you make a final decision on what’s the truth.

    We must continue to study and never make a final decision until it’s the only explanation left.

    Here are links to 2 videos by Kirby surprise explaining his theory on sychronicity, please check them out and give your opinion:

    (Part 1):

    (Part 2):


  2. Hey this is me again, I’m just writing to let you know that in my original comment I listed the wrong website that I posted my synchronicity post in. Actually it was the cfi forum not the unexplained mysteries forum although I also have it in their as well.


  3. @Musicmatters, it was good to hear from you. After I come out of my false conclusions, I learned a very important lesson and the lesson is “depend on the way these synchronicities get manifested to an observer, an observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc.. ”

    And I also understood the importance of having the right view and I understood that ignoring important data (due to trust issues, seeing as not important, etc..), not being able to understand the available data, not having enough data, will create delusions in our minds.

    This is something that I clearly see in Kirby. He hasn’t researched into these experiences that much yet he had come to a conclusion because of his own experience mainly or he has missed certain important synchronicities or he hasn’t analyzed the synchronicities critically that are occurring to human beings on a daily basis. I was having a normal life and I didn’t know that these are synchronicities either, until I came to an understanding that human thoughts are being affected to such an extent fooling me to believe that they respond to my thoughts and my activities just like they were monitoring me. In other words, my friends, scriptwriters, people who work for corporates responded me just like they were observing and monitoring me as a group. I had no control of this as Kirby believe even up to this day. Although I believed that people who work for Facebook, Bloomberg, Guardian, Microsoft knew me, I have no clue their whereabouts either. I never imagined writing scripts for myself either in an extremely negative way to depress me. I’m not a person who thinks negatively about life. Then finally, I got attacked by high-frequency tones as well and at the same time, the theme of synchronicities changed to give me death threats. I had experiences that are similar to people who claim themselves as “Targeted Individuals” too, although most of my experiences were similar to that of schizophrenics. The following article is about Gangstalking phenomenon and again this false conclusion is due to high number synchronicities only.

    I read so many stories related to synchronicities because of my experience and I understand that synchronicities have fooled human beings to believe in God communicating with them since these synchronicities occurred in a positive way. Then I also saw negative synchronicities. For certain individual’s positive synchronicities made them believe that they have control over their synchronicities. Kirby has fallen to this erroneous conclusion. In my case, synchronicities are the one who made the decision when it wanted to interact with me. When I remove certain friends to avoid having conflicts(due to synchronicities), synchronicities suddenly started occurring with friends who are in touch with me just to attack me negatively. Because of so many experiences like this, I had to conclude this phenomenon as intelligence and it shows decision-making capabilities. It could fool a person in a positive or negative way and sometimes giving a false belief that they have control over it.

    Regarding the floating experience, I wouldn’t be mentioning that if I didn’t know what happened to me. If I have an issue with my observations and analysis, it would have been impossible for me to come out of my erroneous conclusions.


  4. Hi Sandi

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Your experiences ring true internally for me, from a gut instinct level. I have synchronicities and repeating anomalies in my life, which I see as positive, and my life moves along smoothly when perceiving them from that point of view. Positively reinforcing leading to more a freedom rather than negatively reinforcing which ostracises us from the very thing we exist in – this matrix / computer program / movie script.
    Once upon a time I was exclusively ‘scientific’ in my thinking. After a while, I began to realise that science as we know it – math, physics, chemistry etc – are laws that define and limited to this particular domain / matrix / created cosmos we live in. Constraints to what we can do and what can be done.
    Then I discovered other sides, the unseen world, and realised that there are different laws, different parameters that control those worlds. You don’t see them, you feel them or connect by instinct, gut feel. A ‘knowing’ perhaps. And that we are not simply of ‘this’ world, but are of ‘many’ different worlds / dimensions / realities at the same time, a mixture of science and spirit / unseen – so we cannot simply view what is happening to us and our existence ( matrix ) from a purely scientific point of view, the way we are erroneously taught in this domain. Thus many won’t consider real your bed floating experience / OBE experience because it’s not defined by science, which other points of view will and do accept and give reasons for.
    So much to potentially input but limited in this kind of forum comment section.
    You have much energy and motivation to discover what is happening. John Panella’s ‘The Divine Secret Garden’ series might help you immensely to understand and fight this phenomena. You must start with book 1, you must progress through at least the first half of that book with an open mind. If Your world is crazy to many who view it from outside. So all ideas must be considered in order to unravel some of these issues. John’s books are in pdf or MP3 format so you can listen or read for free, download them., go to ‘Book Zone’ and start with Book 1. It may change everything, and in my mind explains so much of what you and others are going through. Attacks to keep you from waking up to the true hidden nature of our reality.
    If you believe there are higher forces controlling our destiny, then those higher forces work hard to steer us away from concepts that might help. Our initial response to new information might be ‘this is madness or these people are crazy’ – and that would be the exact logic they would use to keep us locked in this perception prison we are in.
    Good luck, regards Andy


  5. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that the synchronicities that you are facing are positive. However, in my research, I understood that it’s not the case for everyone, people have no control over these synchronicities, instead, they have become a victim as I explained earlier. I understand this by having a firsthand experience with extremely negative synchronicities. Therefore, we must understand the actual cause behind these synchronicities due to these controversial data. I clearly understood an intelligence is behind these synchronicities and I had to conclude this intelligence as artificial intelligence. Which means it’s a program developed by humans and it’s a crime. And I had to conclude that our thoughts are being exploited without our knowledge and AI’s are behind it. This gave me evidence for the existence of a highly evolved technology. Since I had psychic and paranormal experiences at the same time, I had to conclude that this hidden technology is behind this whole experience. I observed that according to certain unique thoughts, certain paranormal activities are occurring in real-time. It’s more like a script that a programmer writes, for example, certain codes will be executed when certain parameters are matched.

    Evidence shows that a global satellite grid exists on Earth and it has been existing for thousands and thousands of years without our knowledge. This is the Matrix. Voices introduced the idea of Matrix to the world through Philip Dick, who was diagnosed for schizophrenia. I had to conclude that even the voice hearing phenomenon exists in the world is due to this technology only and this is why voices are intelligent (refer to the examples in the article). This extremely advanced surveillance grid monitors human activities 24/7 and it could directly stimulate human brains and alter our perceptions in real time and it could even induce thoughts to us.

    You mentioned this “Then I discovered other sides, the unseen world, and realized that there are different laws, different parameters that control those worlds. You don’t see them, you feel them or connect by instinct, gut feel” which is actually true, something definitely interacts with our brains, therefore, our minds are able to perceive it. Not everyone have these strange experiences, therefore, they will not have a clue of any of these. Note that it’s not our minds directly interacting with this invisible force, it’s the brain. For example in my case, I smelt things which shouldn’t be there, however, if I had the chance to do a brain scan whilst this is happening, a brain scan will give us evidence related to this particular perception. It will be the same in your case. The more you research you will understand this claim. Technically to replicate my experiences and my observations, this technology must be able to stimulate individual neurons of our brains. Therefore, we have to look for an alternative answer. Human beings have a common belief that a perception control technology (mind-control) should not exist. Logically thinking, this is true, the science that we know cannot be used to explain all my observations, however, by deeply researching I had to conclude that this technology has been existing for thousands and thousands of years. This made me conclude that there has been an extremely advanced global society. They have managed to keep the technology within their families/group after a global catastrophe. This is why UFOs also can be traced back to ancient times. And I managed to trace these families to Pharaohs who has built the great pyramid of Giza at the center of landmass on Earth. Evidence shows that they run the world through deception. Someone would say scientifically it’s still impossible to have this kind of technology but I see this as another silly claim only.

    If there’s an enlightened person who understands the existence of every phenomenon in the universe, then if he claims that certain things are scientifically impossible, he could be right. However, holding onto such a belief without gaining such a massive knowledge about the universe, that person becomes silly. That said if someone state that based on today’s scientific understanding and the phenomena that we have discovered in the universe and the calculations/mathematics that would explain the phenomena, contradict this view, I totally agree with that person. Therefore, I agree with you and yes, different laws and different parameters control this invisible interaction.

    Due to many reasons, I see that John also have a misunderstanding. If he understood the existence of this hidden technology, he will re-evaluate his conclusions.


  6. How do we help our dear ones going through such Synchronicities & becoming highly obsessed and strongly delusional due to erroneous conclusions because of meaningful coincidences as per their own narrative?


  7. I just stopped in to say thanks for writing this. I was lucky enough to see it in the psychosis reddit before it was removed, and it was very helpful in trying to understand what happened to me. I was hospitalized with psychosis for a bit in early 2018, and I’ve been trying to make sense of it for the last 18 months, without much progress. This feels like a breakthrough.

    For a while now I’ve known that my delusions were wrong, but knowing that never explained the constant synchronicities. Now I can see pretty clearly how those synchronicities created and fed the delusions. I’m not sure if I can agree with the conclusion just yet, as it somehow seems like another coincidence. I worked for an AI company at the time, and was convinced that they were behind it, and the synchronicities were constantly affirming that.


    1. Thanks JC for your comment. Hope you managed to correct your false conclusions by now and I hope this write-up would also help you in some way. If the existence of these synchronicities were known to me prior I facing these experiences, I would have never ended up in these false conclusions for such a long time period. Whilst the medical community has framed these claims as symptoms of mental illness, I was lucky to see a different perspective of this anomalous experience and correct my false conclusions.


  8. Thank you for you excellent work I have studied the phenomenon you show here for long time I like it if you could have a look at my Youtube channel it might assist you in your work. /channel/UCVczipbr6hUiMG_hHVdExzg


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