The Deceptive Nature Of Synchronicities Sheds Light Into The Gangstalking Phenomenon, Schizophrenia, And Our Delusions!

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The existence synchronicities were first brought to our attention by the Swiss Psychologist and Psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung also believed the existence of the collective unconscious due to his own anomalous experiences and research. He used the term synchronicity to explain meaningful coincidences in his book, “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle”. Although Jung faced many synchronicities during his lifetime, the existence of these synchronicities and the collective unconscious and even the assumptions that he made to understand the cause behind these concepts were highly controversial. To help you understand how uncanny these synchronicities are let me take an example from Jung’s life:

I shall mention an incident from my own observation. A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me this dream I sat with my back to the closed window. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, like a gentle tapping. I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from outside. I opened the window and caught the creature in the air as it flew in. It was the nearest analog to a golden scarab that one finds in our latitudes, a scarabaeid beetle, the common rose-chafer (Cetonia aurata), which contrary to its usual habits had evidently felt an urge to get into a dark room at this particular moment. I must admit that nothing like it ever happened to me before or since, and that the dream the patient has remained unique in my experience. – Jung (1973).

As you can see, the causal connections between these coincidental events cannot be explained using our current scientific understanding; therefore, these experiences are highly controversial. Now imagine, suddenly, you start experiencing a high number of abnormal coincidences. Can such an experience make you end up in a delusion? Thanks to Jung, the founding father of analytical psychology, it’s evident that more and more people can correctly identify and understand the existence of this bizarre/mind-boggling phenomenon on Earth due to the high number of uncanny coincidences that they face. Although the phenomenon is prevalent in people who go through psychological disturbances, the current literature related to synchronicities shows that we have given very little attention to studying the phenomenon deeply to understand how the phenomenon could affect our judgment.

The life experience that I had with these synchronicities made me understand that the cause behind so many delusions are actually synchronicities. The cause behind synchronicities is providing false evidence to a false belief by creating meaningful coincidence after coincidence to its victim. It exhibits signs of intelligence and it creates these synchronicities just like it has its own mind. This is why people with certain delusions are saying that they get secret messages from TV/radio. This claim would make sense to a person when a person managed to correct his/her erroneous conclusion(delusion) and then when they observe and analyze the synchronicities that they face carefully. 

Having said that, my motive behind this write-up is to spread awareness about extremely bizarre phenomena that actually exist in the world, such that if you ever experience these phenomena, it would make you end up having delusions in your mind and it could even destroy your life entirely. And I’m writing this to warn you, cause you could be the next victim, it could be your child, your family members, close friends, or any person that you care. Evidence shows that an extremely high number of people around the world are facing these unusual experiences. Let me put this into perspective, according to statistics, millions and millions of people are experiencing various types of mental illnesses throughout the world, and 1.1% of them are schizophrenics. In schizophrenics, thought broadcasting delusion consider as a first ranking symptom. 


Now, what if I tell you that the actual cause behind thought broadcasting delusion is due to synchronicities? Which are external events that can be observed by the person who experiences it? Due to synchronicities/meaningful coincidences that a person face, a person would claim:

1). I get messages from the newspapers, ads, and TV/radio. TV/radio speaks to me.
2). Specific TV show scripts are written for me. I get secret messages from TV shows.
3). A massive number of random people know me, but in reality, this a delusion.
4). Microphones and other listening devices are fixed at home.
5). Random people are listening to the conversations that I have at home. And they spy on me.
6). Cameras in public locations are being used to spy on me.
7). People in the streets are negatively talking about me no matter where I go. People follow me.
8). Receiving harassment emails from worldwide organizations. And they all seem to know me.
9). People are gangstalking me.
10). Those hand gestures are for me.
12). He touched hair to send a message to me / to send a message to another stalker.
13). He coughed at me.

The reason behind all these delusions is synchronicities. Due to these synchronicities only the victims are giving references. By referring they refer to the synchronistic events that they observe. The medical community has taken these references as Ideas of references and delusional references. Having this understanding is crucial to understand the claims of people who have these beliefs. These errors in judgment can be corrected by educating the existence of extremely bizarre synchronicities. The Evidence presented in this material shows that our thoughts are being affected due to an unknown, unidentified reason since ancient times in the most unusual way. As crazy as it may sounds, the cause behind these synchronicities exhibit advanced intelligence and its location is external to our brains/minds. We are more like victims. Due to this, we will have to re-evaluate all our assumptions to make sense of this data. There could have been technologically advanced civilizations in the past. A group of people/a family who are descendants of such a civilization could be still living among us and playing a game with our lives.

The context of this article is specifically addressing the above delusions only. The delusions that human beings are having are complicated to address without using a context since even if I say that “I wrote this article,” that itself could be a delusion if the concept “I” is an illusion created by the mind.

I encountered extremely unusual synchronicities and other unusual phenomena out of the blue, and at times, I was paranoid too because of the way these events occurred. By observing these events in my daily life and by trying to make sense of these phenomena, I also ended up having most of the delusions that I mentioned above since these phenomena were extremely complicated to understand. Therefore, I also had the firsthand experience of a person who has been labeled as mentally ill or having symptoms of mental illness. However, in my case, without seeking medical help, I came out of these delusional beliefs. And that is by understanding that synchronicities were the cause behind my delusions. This helped me to understand that even the medical communities’ conclusions are actually false.

You can get to know the existence of these high number of synchronicities from the empirical observers(the victims) only. This is why this experience is highly controversial. But we must be careful when judging the claims of these empirical observers since subjective judgment is involved in their conclusions. So when a person claims that their thoughts are broadcasting, it’s their explanation of the phenomenon that they observe. This is a complicated phenomenon, therefore, the people who observe this is finding hard to explain coherently to another person. Even certain things that involve in these synchronicities are so personal, so the victim of these synchronicities would not like to share with anyone. Not even with family members.

Apart from the delusions, I faced strange experiences such as ringing in the ear, the sensation of bugs crawling on my body, tingling sensation on my skin, abnormal smells, abnormal synchronized noises. For example, for specific unique thoughts, an instant noise would generate in my vicinity, giving me the impression that someone is monitoring. I always seem to look at the watch(es) but the time would always be like 11:11 or 12:12 or some unique time, I faced power and Internet disruptions due to certain thoughts and for certain unique actions. This happened to me quite often whenever I got insightful thoughts when researching these phenomena and talking about these experiences with friends. Further, I experienced that people would spontaneously refer to things that were in my mind at that very moment, I had prophetic dreams, my travels times got disrupted with sudden rains (no matter what time that I’m planning to go out, it will rain just a few minutes prior. This happened to a level that I could predict) and I also came across with meaningful signs when browsing the Internet and when I walk in the streets.

How anomalous experiences lead to delusions:

Before giving more details of my own experience with these synchronicities and explain to you how these experiences lead to delusions, let me introduce you to certain unusual phenomena that I observed but by taking examples from other observers around the world. Did you know that people experience a phenomenon, where when they think of something or when they say certain things verbally, people in live TV or Radio programs, say the same word at that exact moment? And for them, it keeps on happening again and again, beyond to a level that they can consider as a coincidence? Sometimes this same thing could happen with random people in the streets. According to my research and experience, the cause behind these experiences is the same. However, this particular synchronicities will not make you delusional, and it will not affect your life. It will simply surprise you. This is what the observers have to say:

Case A:



This strange phenomenon could happen with live TV/Radio presenters, TV/Radio commercials, or even TV shows. Assume you are reading something and that has the word “key terms” in it. By the time you read that unique text, you hear live TV presenter uses the same word at the exact moment or just seconds after that, in his spoken words. This timing activity could happen with TV commercials. By the time you are about to read the word “key terms” in the sentence, the right TV commercial also gets aired which has the word “key terms” in its script. Then by the time you read the word, the TV commercial also gets aligned in such a way, where you will get to hear TV commercials saying “key terms” at the exact moment of just seconds after that. This same thing could happen with TV shows as well. When this happens with TV shows often, analyzing these events deeply, you will understand that your thoughts and actions are being affected mysteriously. This is what observers of this phenomenon have to say:

Case B: Annie observes the same phenomenon happening to her. And it happens to her when she writes things or even when she is typing. And she says:

Word Synchronicities + TV


Case C: Now, in this case, for Linda, this happens with her thoughts as well. Sometimes, it could be that you are thinking of a particular topic, then the live TV presenter would start talking about the same.

TV + Radio

Further, according to Dr. Bernard’s survey, the most frequent coincidence was:

 – I think of an idea and hear or see it on the radio, TV or the internet. (Out of 1500 people who has visited the site, 200 (13%) had taken the weird coincidence survey)


(Dr. Bernard is a visiting professor at the University of Virginia and a former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Colombia)

(When a person says that they get messages from TV/Radio, it’s a variation of this phenomenon that actually exists. Therefore, we should not frame a human being as mentally ill, if a human being claim that they get messages from TV/Radio. When a person experiences meaningful interactions with coincidental events, and when these interactions increase exponentially, this is where a victim would end up believing that TV/Radio/commercials/shows speak to me/I get secret messages, etc.)

The delusion – Radio speaks to me:

This conclusion is again due to synchronicities only. To make sense of these synchronicities, let me take a hypothetical scenario since this is a very unique experience. Assume you are monitoring me by using advanced technology. You decode my thoughts throughout the day; therefore, you know what thoughts are in my mind and my bodily actions. Assume this technology that you use also has a capability to induce thoughts to me and to anyone on Earth. And with this technology, you can also access any computer system in the world. So now you are given a task to find a way to communicate with me using radio stations that I listen to. How can you achieve this? Well, whenever I have specific thoughts, you will have to play the right song, which has the right lyrics to convey a message to me in a timely manner and create synchronicities. Depends on the lyrics of the songs that you play and the timing of the songs, I would end up believing that people in the radio station is communicating with me, but in reality, it’s you who is playing a game with me. To make sense of this experience, I might even end up believing that there are microphones/cameras in my house. I would even blame all the program directors/DJ’s for doing this to me. Now if you want to do this to a large number of people, you could simply train an AI(artificial intelligence) to do the same. I used this particular hypothetical scenario, cause a person who faces this experience could make such an assumption too. Which is actually a valid assumption from the experiencer’s point of view. However, the technologies that we have today cannot be used to achieve this. That being said, this is Dan Kilcup’s experience:

Following are examples from Dan Kilcup’s life:

1). He observes synchronicities with the songs(lyrics), advertisements, and program presenters. In other words, Kilcup is facing a meaningful interaction with the coincidental events. These synchronicities are what provide false evidence for the false belief.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 4.43.16 AM


2). The following synchronicity has occurred to Kilcup after he recalling an old memory. Since it has occurred to him just after he wakes up, he sees a significance to it as well. If you use the above hypothetical scenario to understand this, imagine you play this song to Kilcup by knowing the thought that he recalled a few hours ago. And you play this particular song as soon as Kilcup wakes up. If you do this often, he will ultimately end up in a delusion by trying to make sense of the synchronistic experience. 
The cause behind synchronicities is intelligent. This is why he is saying that the radio is talking to me.


3). Here he observes another synchronicity. Due to a bizarre reason, the right song gets aired in such a way, where the lyrics will correlate with Kilcup’s thoughts. Therefore, from the experiencer’s point of view (Kilcup), Kilcup sees it as the radio make comments/remarks for his thoughts. So he claims that the radio speaks to him. This might not make sense to another individual without having firsthand experience with these synchronicities.

never gonna get it

4). In the following example, Kilcup says that the radio has stopped talking to him. Which means, the synchronicities have stopped. So he no longer holds onto the false belief that the radio speaks to him. This is evidence that medicine is not what fixing the false belief. This means, the medical community’s conclusion is also false. We must analyze these cases from the experiencer’s point of view to make sense of this.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 4.08.30 AM

5). The following example shows that Kilcup is wondering if the DJ’s is doing it on purpose by knowing him, and that’s why he also believes the existence of cameras. Those are further false assumptions that he make to understand the synchronicities or the unusual experience that he is having. The way he has written these texts carries his emotions as well.  



What are the possible causes for Kilcup to observe these synchronicities?

1). It’s evident that Kilcup is facing a high number of synchronicities. This should not happen. The random order of events is slightly altered due to some unknown factor. Only Kilcup observes this, and he gives references for his observations that have supported his false belief. For Kilcup to see these synchronicities, song selection must get affected due to an external factor. If the selection of the song was due to the scheduling software, then this software must get affected. Since it’s a software, advanced technology should involve for us to observe these unusual events.

2). If the song selection was made by the DJ, then DJ’s thoughts should get affected in such a way, where he always picks the right song to create synchronicities with Kilcup’s thoughts/actions. This is why Kilcup is asking this question “people on channel 8 know they are transmitting to one person?”. It’s a very logical assumption for this particular experience. 

3). If the song selection was due to listeners of the radio station, then listeners’ choices should get affected. Meaning thoughts of listeners should get affected. So whenever a listener chooses a song, it will correlate with the thoughts/actions of Kilcup.

4). Thoughts/actions of Kilcup should get affected based on the next song, which is in the queue of a playlist, or it could be due to a combination of all the above reasons. 

End of the day what we observe here is that the random order of events is being manipulated or affected due to some unknown, unidentified factor. That being said, in all these cases, you would see that human thoughts are being mysteriously affected, but at times, even the technologies get affected. In my case, I observed that the technologies/ the software that we use are also getting affected due to some external factor. Evidence shows that Kilcup has made the same observation, and he says:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 6.39.57 AM

If the cause behind these delusions are due to synchronicities (observable events) and we see evidence that our thoughts are being affected mysteriously, can we say that thought insertion is a delusion? The cause behind synchronicities is actually inducing thoughts to people. Therefore, with this insight, we will have to re-evaluate our assumptions once again. 

Thought Broadcasting Delusion: According to Mental Health Daily, “This is the false belief that a person’s thoughts can be heard by others as if they are audible to everyone in their environment.” –

In all these cases, synchronicities would occur again and again by guiding the victim to a false belief, so the victim ends up believing it. This is true for thought broadcasting delusion, gangstalking delusion, and various other delusions.

Although this is a delusion, this is actually not a mental disorder, neither a symptom of a mental disorder.  This is an unusual experience with synchronicities. Since you are not having these unusual experiences with synchronicities, the only way you can get to know about these synchronicities is from observers. Like I mentioned above, people finding it hard to make sense of it and even to explain their experience in a logical manner. Therefore, even if the unusual experiencer says things that look crazy, we should never jump into conclusions.

These synchronicities are actually a variation to the “word repeating” synchronicities that I have been discussing above. Here an individual would face a high number of meaningful coincidental events (synchronicities) according to the narrative that is running in his/her mind. And the narrative would be “My thoughts are broadcasting.” Note that even the narrative will be established by the synchronicities only. The delusion is actually an erroneous conclusion only. It’s extremely complicated to explain this to another person without giving some deep thoughts while you observe it. These synchronicities will bring you the highest stress to your life. It will simply destroy your life if you fail to understand the synchronistic aspect of your experience. Let’s take some cases to help you understand what happens to these individuals:

The narrative of this unusual experience is: My thoughts are broadcasting.

The Meaningful coincidental events: Any meaningful coincidental event that will confirm the individual “my thoughts are broadcasting.”

Case A:

Like A Robot+Thought

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 7.21.36 AM


Not like the “word repeating” synchronicities, these synchronicities are complicated. For example, analyzing the above experience show that the thoughts and actions of the co-worker have been affected mysteriously in a synchronistic manner providing false evidence. Here the victim faces two types of synchronicities. One synchronicity falls under the non-verbal category, which is “looked me right in my eyes.” Even if the co-worker stops saying anything thereafter, this synchronicity has already provided false evidence for his false belief. According to the victim, the co-worker has said something as well that has correlated with his thought. Meaning, another synchronicity has occurred at the same time giving false evidence for his false belief. The second synchronicity that the victim observed falls under the verbal category. Then again on another occasion, the victim mentions the facial expressions that he observes. These synchronicities again fall under the nonverbal category. 

(To make sense of this, assume that your thoughts can actually be heard/read by others, if so, how would they respond/react? Will they get angry and if so, what kind of facial expressions that you would see? Will they laugh? Will they leave the place? Or if not can they say in such a way that it would correlate with your thoughts? etc., You would observe these verbal/nonverbal actions in a synchronistic manner. This is not all, sometimes an individual would find responses through live TV/Radio presenters, Facebook, emails, etc., supporting the false belief.)

The claims of people who have this delusion will make sense to you only if you have a good understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication cues and how it affects our judgment. What we call as communication is a complicated thing. According to the following research:

Research suggests that nonverbal behavior accounts for between 60% and 70% of all meaning (Mehrabian, 1981)


This is why understanding these experiences are extremely hard because synchronicities involve nonverbal actions of human beings. Since synchronicities can carry meanings to human beings, if we see signs of synchronicities acting on a person, we must carefully analyze the synchronicities he/she faces to make sense of the claims. Then only we can understand how he/she has ended up in the delusion. Synchronicities could occur with any of the nonverbal actions mentioned here:

People who have this unusual experience would face synchronicities involving various nonverbal communication cues when they face this anomalous experience. For example, you could send a signal to another person simply by staying silent. What you wear sends a message to another person. The gestures that you make send a message to another person. If you change your computer’s wallpaper that also sends a signal to another person. Even if you cough that also sends a signal to another person. People draw inferences from these events, and at the end of the day, the assumptions that they make are what make them delusional.

Case B:

Thought Broadcastin + Hear+Reactions


In this case, the victim says that he sees and hears people responding to his thoughts and emotions. In other words, the victim is saying that he observes verbal and non-verbal actions, and those actions occur in a synchronistic manner correlating with his thoughts and emotions. People responding to emotions is something that I also observed. Therefore, I can confirm that such synchronicities do exist. For example, in my case, whenever I get angry about something, my grandfather got angry. These synchronicities stopped later. However, this experience utterly confused me. 

Case C:

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 4.15.49 AM


Again, thoughts/bodily actions of people are being affected in a synchronistic manner, so the victim of the synchronicity ends up in a delusion by trying to make sense of the observed phenomenon.

Case D:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 3.05.37 AM


The medical community takes isolation as a symptom of mental illness. But the cause of isolation is not due to biological in nature, the false belief is the cause. Imagine, if you actually happened to broadcast specific thoughts that another person should not know, how would you react? Avoid being in public at all? Well, human behavior makes sense when you understand the existence of such synchronicities. These erroneous conclusions are the cause of this isolation. This error of judgment can be corrected by educating human beings about these synchronicities. The experience brings so many trust issues as well; therefore, these issues must be addressed logically by understanding what causes it.  

The Psychiatrist James Williford says: “The more intense the mania, the more synchronicities.” I would say that the reason for this observation is due to the high number of negative synchronicities. Having said that, this observation also confirms that synchronicities are acting on human beings.

Case E: Xine-san says:

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 10.18.03 AM

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 3.08.33 PM


She uses words such as “coincidental” and “choice of words” to explain the synchronistic aspect of the phenomenon. Further, she claims that her thoughts are broadcasting to strangers only. In other words, what she is saying is that synchronicities are occurring with strangers only.

Case Study F:

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 10.07.17 AM


This individual says that “Again I know I’m not crazy nor am I paranoid.” This is because he actually observes these synchronistic events. The synchronicities have created so much stress in his life by making him believe that thoughts are broadcasting. 

(This phenomenon actually exists in the world. However, such experiences go against commonly perceived logic and common sense.)

Case G: The following anomalous experience relates to group stalking/gangstalking phenomenon. Here an investigator will find out that specific claims made by the victim are delusional; therefore, this is not typical workplace bullying. 

The narrative of this anomalous experience is: People are gangstalking/ group stalking.

The Meaningful coincidental events: Could be any kind of meaningful coincidental events that confirm the individual that people are gangstalking.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 12.03.33 PM


Here the person who has this anomalous experience claims that all of a sudden: 

I). I noticed a strange and bizarre behavior of some co-workers. – Nonverbal synchronicities.
II). Some people passed hints. – Verbal synchronicities.
III). Some talked about certain things related to my personal life. Verbal synchronicities. He is having a meaningful interaction with the coincidental events.
IV). Some talked about things I said or did in my apartment. – Verbal synchronicities.

All these are verbal & nonverbal synchronicities that the victim observed. 

Did you see the pattern here?

  • When conversations of people correlate with an individual’s activities at home or personal life, then an individual would claim that “people are spying”, “people are stalking” etc.., Further, if the coincidences always carries a negative meaning, the victim of this anomalous experience would say that “people are trash talking”. Synchronicities would occur again and again by guiding the victim to a false belief, so the victim ends up believing it. This is true for thought broadcasting delusion, gangstalking delusion, and various other delusions.
  • When conversations of people correlate with thoughts of an individual and/or bodily activities of people correlate with thoughts of an individual, this becomes thought broadcasting delusion, which is a slight variation of the anomalous experience just described above. 
  • Similarly if TV/Radio presenters conversations/bodily activities correlates with an individual’s life activities, that individual would claim that he/she get messages from TV/Radio, live TV/Radio presenters know him/her etc… The variation of the observed synchronicities are the reason behind these various delusions.

To make sense of this, assume while you were at home, you were thinking of going on a holiday for a few days, and you talked the same with one of your family members. Now to your surprise, the next day when you are in the office, one of your colleagues starts a conversation out of the blue with another colleague and says that he/she is thinking of taking a holiday to go on a trip and then continued the conversation. Due to these synchronicities, a person would end up believing that people are spying or monitoring(he mentions this later in the story). Now if we investigate this case deeply, we will find out that the colleague who spoke about going on a trip never knew the discussion that the person (the anomalous experiencer) had at home, however, the correlations between these two discussions would be so apparent for the victim of this unusual experience. Therefore, this conversation feeds the narrative that is running in the victim’s mind, which is “people are gangstalking.” Again as mentioned earlier, even the narrative will be established by such meaningful coincidences only. Such events could occur coincidentally; however, people who believe a group stalking is taking place will face many such coincidental events confirming the false belief. Since these are meaningful coincidental events, occurring according to the narrative running in one’s mind, these are synchronicities.

By analyzing each and every synchronicity, the theme that it carries, the victim will come to certain conclusions, and the very act will feed the false belief and define it even further. Therefore, the victim claims:

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 7.04.29 AM


Due to the above claims of this individual, synchronicities can be extracted as follows:

  • Synchronicities have been observed by the anomalous experiencer related to his phone calls and emails.
  • Synchronicities have been observed by the anomalous experiencer related to his hobbies.
  • Synchronicities have been observed by the anomalous experiencer related to his shopping habits.

Therefore, there is a reasoning behind these unique conclusions. Then again, since synchronicities have been observed relating to his various activities regardless of the time, he further claims that 24/7 monitoring is taking place.

Due to my own experience and analyzing of these anomalous experiences of fellow human beings, it was evident to me that human thoughts and the technologies we use are being affected without our knowledge/awareness.  

Schizophrenics and “Targeted Individuals” are facing similar experiences, which means the underlying cause must be the same: 

That being said, my experience made me carry out extensive research into human experiences, and I found out that these beliefs are common in schizophrenics and even “Targeted Individuals,” a group of human beings who believe that they’re being targeted by advanced technology. Synchronicities are the cause behind the false conclusions that these individuals are having.

Researching into similar human experiences, I discovered that a massive number of human beings have ended up getting psychiatric help; therefore, it’s evident that I had a miraculous escape from a danger that would have affected my entire life. Considering my case, I can say that the observed phenomena clearly showed intelligence, was intelligent enough to trick me again and again due to my continued observation of various phenomena. I observed very distinct changes of how these phenomena occur, as I move forward in life; thus, it affected my conclusions and made me end up in having different delusions along the way. Overall, these phenomena managed to fool me for almost two years until I managed to fix the trust issues that I had with my friends.

My Experience:

Let me try to put this into perspective by giving more details of my experience. I had so many bizarre experiences. Imagine this experience by putting yourself into this scenario as it might help you understand this a bit more clearly. By doing so, here you would understand that depend on the way these synchronicities (meaningful events) occur, an observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc.. therefore, the delusions that would arise in an observer’s mind would be different in each scenario.

Synchronicities with friends who lived with me in the same apartment:

I was living in a foreign country when I first started having these abnormal experiences. And in my case, the very first synchronicities started with the friends who lived with me in the same apartment, and I had a normal life with them. However, suddenly, the Facebook statuses of these friends, things they post on their Facebook walls, started correlating with my personal life events.

The “Stalking Nightmare” article mentions that his co-workers passed hints, so imagine, my friends passed hints by making various Facebook statuses. Which means, thoughts and actions of friends who stayed with me got affected in such a way, where things they post on Facebook, their statuses, correlated with my life activities. But this is nothing more than a synchronistic event. They had no idea that they were indirectly passing hints to me. This was the start of my bizarre experience.

Not only that I also observed very distinct, but sudden behavioral changes(these are nonverbal synchronicities that I observed) in them, and this supported my (false)conclusions. I observed this for a couple of months continuously; therefore, I had to conclude that they are talking about me, and they are not in good terms with me any longer. So my initial assumption that these are mere coincidences only is no longer exists in my mind anymore. (Today I understand that these are a high number of synchronicities only. Sudden behavioral changes could have been due to certain things that happened to them, however, strangely that again correlated with my life events.)

Synchronicities with friends who lived in the same city and later with friends who lived in different cities through Facebook:

By continuously observing these synchronicities, I finally ended up in arguing with these friends(mainly with one person) thinking that they are negatively talking about me.

Soon after these events, thoughts of certain friends that is closer to our apartment got affected.

At this stage, I again started observing strange synchronicities with a few more friends who are known to these friends, but they were not staying with us in the same apartment. Again, due to the high number of synchronicities that I faced, I had to conclude now that all these friends are talking about me. And “they are talking about me” became a well-established narrative in my mind. However, they always rejected my accusations, yet the synchronicities that I observed tricked me, again and again, to conclude the same. This is what made me end up having a false belief.

Thoughts of friends that I met from an institute got affected. They also started passing hints but they also never knew that they were doing it. Note that even though these friends were staying in different cities, their thoughts got affected and only their thoughts, in addition to thoughts of friends who lived in my city. It was like these friends who I met from the institute started talking to each other about me. Why the cause behind synchronicities affected thoughts of friends who I met from this institute? This behavior shows, that the cause behind synchronicities is able to establish a narrative in one’s mind. This shows intelligence. It shows decision making capabilities.

For I would say 7, 8 months, I observed these strange synchronicities with so many friends who lived in the same city, and then I started observing synchronicities with some friends that I met through an Institute a long time ago, but they were living in different cities. These synchronicities made me conclude that these friends who stayed with me have spoken to these friends who I got to know from this institute and I thought perhaps that is through a mutual friend.

After a year of meeting these friends for the first time, I relocated myself to another city, but I continuously observed these synchronicities taking place on Facebook. However, finally, I thought that it would be better to avoid having any type of conversations with these friends due to the negativity and I decided to remove friends who stayed with me in the same apartment and few other friends that I thought who involved from my Facebook account.

Due to my thought “I should remove these friends”, thoughts of one of the friends who stayed with me in our apartment got affected.

In a synchronistic manner, one of the friends actually removed me thereafter, and then I also made my final decision to remove other friends too.

Synchronicities with former colleagues who are living in different countries and worldwide companies:

Just after removing these friends, thoughts of a former colleague of mine got affected who lived in a different country. Another extremely unusual coincidence. 

Just after facing synchronicities with this former colleague, I started facing synchronicities with few more former colleagues as well. Which means thoughts of  few more colleagues started getting affected. So from my point of view, colleagues are talking to each other about me. This behavior shows intelligence. It’s like the cause behind the synchronicities knows exactly how to create a delusion in our minds by presenting false evidence. This observation cannot be explained by chance.

A few days after this event taking place, I again started observing strange synchronicities with a former colleague, but he was staying in a different country. After that, it didn’t take time for me to observe synchronicities with few more colleagues. These are again Facebook statuses and the things they shared on their Facebook walls, which ended up in my news feed. Here I thought that due to my recent action, these friends are now taking further steps to put me down, and now they are contacting more people and getting their support to say negative things to me. These sudden changes were so apparent to me and went beyond to a level that I could consider as a coincidence, so I believed that they are intentionally doing this work. I called one of my colleagues and told my story, but my colleague knew nothing about it. However, the synchronicities continued. Then I came back to my country. During this period, the emails that I got from Guardian, Microsoft, etc.. also started showing synchronicities, the email headings always correlated with my life events. This made me think that these friends knew some high profile people who work for these companies, and they are getting help from them too to disturb my life. Because of certain activities, I believed people at Forbes, Bloomberg, Facebook, also knew me. Again, these are all due to experiences in a synchronistic manner. Therefore, this is not that I woke up one day and thought that people who work for these companies know me. I concluded this since these synchronicities took place to such an extent. Therefore, I couldn’t consider any of these as mere coincidences only. These strange activities didn’t end there, then I observed these synchronicities with so many school friends and finally with my childhood friends too. These events created extreme distress in me.

Occurring of synchronicities just after having phone calls with friends:

I also observed that when I contact certain friends and share my story with them, the very next day, they would also make statuses that would show correlations to my life events. This made me check their Facebook profiles even to see when they have had posted anything on their walls or updated their statuses for the last time, many occasions, I could not see any activities on their walls too for such a long time, this gave me more evidence that they’re being influenced in some way. (The actual cause behind synchronicities are what has influenced my friends, but I didn’t know)

As I explained above that whenever I contact a friend and share my story, the very next day they also participate. Again, a similar experience has been faced by this individual, therefore, he says that “Whenever I meet someone or a group of people, the perps approach them and poison them with negative thoughts”. Although in reality no one has approached anyone, a person who has this anomalous experience will face experiences to conclude the same.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 2.12.43 PM

Therefore, by analyzing this strange influence on my friends, I believed that they somehow get to know my life events, but they never liked to directly acknowledge it. And the denial of their involvement made me believe that they are lying. Therefore, the synchronicities are what kept me isolating from society by creating trust issues/misunderstandings.

Our perspectives. Friends are getting brainwashed, or is there a mysterious reason?

From my point of view, all my friends are acting almost as psychopaths(my apologies), since these actions are beyond belief, but for them, it’s more like I have a mental illness. I was perplexed. This went to an extreme level; therefore, I started questioning the meaning of reality, too, and I was desperately looking for answers. This shouldn’t happen, it’s like these friends who stayed with me can brainwash my close friends. Do they pay for my friends? Even if that happens, will my friends agree and participate in this? What happened to their values? Therefore, what methods they employ to get everyone’s support didn’t make sense at all since what I observed is not normal human behavior. The assumptions that I made to understand the phenomena went against logic, many controversies were there, but still, the phenomena tricked me again and again thus created a false belief in me. Due to these reasons, I stopped talking to so many friends as I could not trust anyone anymore.

This individual is making various assumptions to understand the reason behind his experience just like I did. Therefore, these experiences are similar. The reason behind these observations and false conclusions are due to the synchronicities that human beings are facing. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 6.25.40 AM


Up to this day, I only observed synchronicities through Facebook and my conversations with them (calling applications/messaging applications(chat)). Therefore, I thought that these friends who stayed with me are communicating with my friends, colleagues, perhaps by sending messages through Facebook, emails, or phone calls. However, I didn’t understand exactly how this communication is taking place. I was just speculating and was trying to come up with a theory that explains my observations. I even thought perhaps they have created a group now, so it would be easy for them to communicate with each other easily. Further, I also thought, maybe it’s because of this group only, some of my friends participate in this harassment, but they still don’t like to reveal anything about the existence of this group to me (Looks so crazy isn’t it? That’s what synchronicities can do to a person).

Based on the synchronicities that I faced, I came to certain conclusions on what kind of information these people share with each other. Again let me take some text from “Stalking Nightmare” article to explain this further. This individual mentions that they know my likes, dislikes, fears, etc,. this is due to the synchronicities that the individual experience. Synchronicities are giving false evidence for the victim of this anomalous experience. By trying to understand how the phenomena, the individual further end up in believing that “Intelligence community around the world are behind this”

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 6.29.05 AM


That said, even at this stage, I still did not observe synchronicities relating to my thoughts, my activities at home, and neither I did observe synchronicities through Radio or TV.

A delusion: People are hacking my PC and listening to my conversations:

However, one day, a Facebook status made by one of my friend’s came on my news feed, correlating to a conversation that I had at home. This didn’t make sense to me at first, so I ignored it, but then again, these new type of synchronicities continued daily. This made me believe that they have hacked my computer too to listen to my private conversations. I have been in the technology sector for over a decade when this was happening; therefore, I have an understanding of the way how computers could be hacked. Therefore, I took certain precautions to avoid being hacked and all the possibilities to identify myself even on the Internet too. After taking all the precautions, this is by considering bios-rootkit attacks too (even if you format a machine, a hacker can still access the machine with such tools), the very next day when I randomly log into the Facebook the very first status that I would see is something similar to “haha, he’s trying to become smarter than us!! And then someone would comment, “that’s funny. lol” and then I would see various similar comments from other friends too. Therefore, I thought that my efforts are in vain, now they are boasting about their capabilities through Facebook statuses. I got flabbergasted. How could they possibly hack my laptop? This shouldn’t happen. Then by looking at the comments, I thought all these people (including people who commented for the FB status) are actually involved in this, and they all are talking about me, they know me. If not, how come such a status is there in the first place? (another synchronicity) These were my thoughts. That said, no matter what precautions I take, the synchronicities still continued.

Further delusions: Microphones are being installed at home, neighbors are listening to my private conversations, the existence of remote listening devices: 

I could not find the source, and by analyzing everything, I had to conclude that without getting help from ISP’s, software vendors, this is an impossible task. This made me believe that even ISP’s are also involved in this. Over time, this experience also gave me false evidence for the existence of microphones in my house. Further, I also researched online to find out whether there are microphones that could capture sounds from distant locations, and I started suspecting the involvement of my neighbors too. I felt uncomfortable talking at home, thinking people are listening to my conversations, some of my neighbors are also (possibly) listening to me.

A strange synchronicity with Hotmail service:

During this time Hotmail delivered their email service without the https facility, but Gmail offered the https service for quite some time now. Due to these anomalous experiences, I didn’t like anyone to know my emails. Therefore, I checked if I could activate the https facility on my Hotmail email account too, but this option wasn’t there. However, it took only a few days for Hotmail to introduce the https facility for their email service after this day. Now I thought whether these friends helped me with this? But if so, why? To show me that they still can hack and know the contents of my emails too? From my perspective, this was a quick deployment, so I thought, ” wow, they should know some top people at Microsoft to do this and implement this feature so quickly.” I have been using Hotmail for over 5,6 years, but this was the first time Hotmail introduced the https feature, and I thought it’s because of me (further synchronicities). This should help you understand my life situation, what kind of delusions that I had. I made various assumptions to make sense of this information leak, but I still couldn’t identify the source. Later due to certain experiences, I had to cover the camera by thinking that they can see me too through the camera (due to certain synchronicities). When my family members asked the reason behind it, most of the time, I avoided giving a direct answer. Therefore, they also observed certain behavioral changes in me, and I’m not comfortable enough to address this directly with them, cause this whole thing would look crazy to another person.

Delusions: Phones are being hacked. My movements are being captured by public cameras and shared with friends (Shows correlations to Truman Show Delusion):

I also observed certain synchronicities related to the conversations that I had when I was out, when I was in public locations, therefore, this made me think that my phone has also been hacked. To make sense of this, I also tried going out without taking my mobile phone, however, the synchronicities continued, and certain synchronicities made me conclude that the public cameras are being used to identify my movements too. Is this remotely possible? Well, again, those were my thoughts. On certain occasions, I also suspected if the mobile phones of my friends also got hacked.

A failed attempt to identify the cause ended up in another synchronicity:

Then on another occasion, I wanted to understand how they communicate with each other (this massive group), and I thought whether I could use a social engineering method to hack into a pc so I could monitor the activities remotely. Having this in mind, I understood that the easiest method would be to plant a tool on a friend’s computer. There was this friend of mine who I thought involved in this unethical act, although he kept on denying it. In the past, I had used his pc many times when I visited him, and I thought of planting a monitoring tool on his pc. Therefore, after the tool is being prepared, I went to his house to plant this on his computer, however, to surprise me, the computer never worked that day. Then again, later that day when I logged into Facebook, I would see a status similar to “Hahaha, that was funny. He failed again. lol” and then others have been making relevant comments. Strangely, this was the first post that I could see in my news feed, and this post was able to convince me that they somehow got to know my action. This strange experience made me conclude that everyone is talking about my silly action now, this is including the people who participated in this harassment from Facebook, Microsoft, Guardian and so many friends around the world. That day I felt so bad about it, and I also felt so guilty about my work too. This is not something I would do, however, I had to work on this extreme act just because of my situation. It took a couple of days for me to forget this incident since in my world this incident really happened, it’s an actual experience that I had, and so many people around the world knew.

During this time, a few more strange things happened to me:

i). I started having a tingling sensation on my body.

ii). I started feeling a sensation where bugs crawling on my skin at times.

iii). I had certain smells, but I couldn’t identify the source. Technically it shouldn’t be there in my room.

iv). One day after I listen to a song, a clip of this song kept on playing in my head (my internal voice/internal monologue). This clip played again and again in my head and I couldn’t forget no matter what I do. Although the above three experiences didn’t continue much, this strange thing happened to me quite often just to disturb my day.

v). Then this strange event, I woke up one day by having a thought that I had on the previous day. For a couple of days, this same thought came to my mind as soon as I wake up. After a couple of days, I noticed that this same thought is coming to my mind for no reason. Therefore, I started wondering how on Earth I have the same thought as soon as I wake up. This shouldn’t happen. I clearly observed that it’s like my thoughts are being replayed, the exact same thought, however, this stopped completely after this day.

vi). No matter what time I wake up, I noticed that the same song goes on the Radio. The Radio is in the kitchen, and I usually could hear it from my room. My grandfather always likes to listen to it while working, and I noticed this after observing this strange phenomenon for a few days only, and I thought about how that’s even possible. Just after I had this thought, this phenomenon again got changed, and now as soon as I get to the kitchen this same song started going on the Radio, and it continued for another couple of days. This means thoughts of DJs or the scheduling software got affected as soon as I went to the kitchen.

This made me think that even people who work for some of the Radio stations know me, they also monitor me, or they get real-time updates about my activities. Further, I thought there must be microphones in my kitchen too yet I couldn’t identify its location.

A synchronicity with Hotmail predicated some future events leading to a delusion: TV Show scripts are written for me:

Now I started contemplating talking to the friends who stayed with me in the same apartment. During this period Hotmail also changed their signing page with a picture (this page didn’t have any images earlier, just a plain login page) then I started seeing synchronicities with this newly designed signing page too. I faced many but let me mention one important synchronicity that I faced. One day, this page changed its image with an image showing the word “Script,” here, I started wondering why Microsoft used this word since I already observed synchronicities through this page. Within 2, 3 days after this day, I began seeing synchronicities through a drama that goes on the TV. I have been watching this particular drama for some time, and I have never noticed any conversations referring to my life events up to this very day. These synchronicities started just after Microsoft changed its login page with this image showing the word “script.” After a couple of days, the meaning of the word “script” became apparent to me.

Hotmail Login Page

The scriptwriters thoughts got affected in such a way where the script correlated with my actions and conversations.

These synchronicities that I faced through the TV were related to the conversations that I had at home and also mundane things such as traveling, having a haircut, my eating habits so on and so forth. Further, this script also showed references to the conversations that my family members had in the house, and this made me extremely angry towards these friends, scriptwriters, and even the actors but then after that the synchronicities related to the conversations that my family members had stopped immediately. This observation made me think that they have now decided that it’s not good to mention these conversations that my family members have; therefore, they stopped it. Looking back, I can say that this particular synchronicity stopped based on my thoughts only since I did not verbally say anything related to this incident. I only knew that they stopped since the synchronicities stopped suddenly. I can still recall this particular memory because of the intense anger that I had. If I had met any of these friends/actors, scriptwriters during this time, I would have had a fight. If so this would have convinced everyone that I have a mental illness, however, looking back, these are all due to an extremely high number of synchronicities that I faced on a daily basis through various mediums. This created more and more distress in me, but then again, I wanted to fight back for these unethical acts. There were days that I was pondering in my mind from morning to evening and trying to find a resolution for this. I thought why my reality has changed in such a strange way, that I even cannot understand at times due to controversies. Therefore, I was still desperately looking for answers, no one can help me, cause no one can understand my claims, my experiences. However, I also understood that I cannot tackle this situation by having such an angry mind state, it affects my decisions. Therefore, I started paying close attention to my emotions more than ever.

Due to similar experiences, this individual again says:

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 2.34.54 PM


Further delusions: Radio presenters talk about me:

But then again this is beyond belief, how they managed to get in touch with scriptwriters/actors? Well, they have contacts at Microsoft, Bloomberg, Youtube, Forbes, etc.. so why not? This was my thought or the assumption that I made to understand these strange experiences. During this same period, I observed synchronicities through Radio stations too.

Thoughts of radio presenters got affected. The conversations they started correlated with my life activities. Also thoughts of my grand father got affected. He knew exactly when to switch on the radio and what channel to tune into so I would observe the synchronicities. 

On certain occasions, my grandfather would switch on the radio at random times and select the right channel, so I would listen to the Radio presenter giving references to my life events. Not only that, whilst I’m working on something, I would randomly have thoughts of listening to the Radio, and I turn on the Radio, select the right channel just to hear them talking about me(synchronicities – think about situations where people giving hints). These are very clear observations that I made. I did not see synchronicities just because I listen to the radio or watch the TV but at certain times only. How I’m I getting to know that such programs are going in the air and randomly have thoughts to switch on the radio or the TV and select the right channel, is another mystery that didn’t make sense to me. I was confused, and I did not find any logical explanation even at this stage. However, my analysis of these experiences convinced me that people who work for Radio and TV stations and actors also know me (such incidences could make people believe that they are famous, but in reality, they are not).

Further delusions: NSA is decoding my thoughts and sharing my thoughts with a massive group: 

After that, less than two or three weeks later, I started noticing synchronicities related to my thoughts with TV show scripts.

Thoughts of scriptwriters got affected in a peculiar way. The scriptwriter always wrote the script in such a way where it would correlate with my thoughts.

This was the first time that I noticed this due to the high number of synchronicities directly relating to my thoughts, and I clearly observed the same phenomenon through Facebook after this day. This created further distress in me since now I cannot even think without all these people getting to know my thoughts, and they are from all over the world. These were my thoughts. I immediately started suspecting NSA’s involvement since they should have the highest surveillance capability in the world, so I thought that even some people who work for the NSA support all my friends just to put me down. This is not all, now sometimes, I observed specific responses almost in real-time with live TV and Radio presenters. (Their thoughts got affected within seconds/minutes – these are verbal/nonverbal actions that occurred in a synchronistic manner).

Later, these synchronicities occurred to me when I have phone calls with friends when I talked to friends face to face and even when I chat with friends. Sometimes I got emails showing correlations to my thoughts in real-time. Which means, regardless of the medium, a person would face these synchronicities. Let me take the following example as well. In my case, initially, it was Facebook statuses and posts that they shared correlated with my life activities prior I see correlations to my thoughts but for this individual, conversations of people nearby has correlated with his life activities and then finally he has started seeing their conversations correlating to his thoughts, which made him believe that his thoughts are broadcasting.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 6.56.43 AM

Source II:

Are they listening to my thoughts in real-time? If so, NSA is now sharing certain platform capabilities with my friends? Since I’m in the technology sector, I wanted to understand the technical side of it. However, I didn’t find a proper logic to explain my observations, but I’m well aware that this is happening to me. I did not observe these real-time responses with dramas, but with live programs, it became apparent to me (this anomalous experience helped me to understand thought broadcasting delusion). This is not all, the most bizarre observation that I made is that the actors in dramas imitated my body postures and gestures giving me evidence that every activity of mine is being monitored 24/7. I can also mention an experience that shows a connection to this. There were situations where people would spontaneously take topics that were in my mind at that very moment and discuss it or make a statement that would correlate with my thoughts. I faced this so many times, beyond to a level that I could consider as a coincidence. Now imagine a scenario where you face this phenomenon with live TV and Radio presenters, and that’s what I observed at times. These types of synchronicities are behind establishing thought broadcasting delusion in one’s mind. 

Some of my experiments proved to me that I was right to some extent, but the mystery never ends:

When I started observing this new phenomenon relating my thoughts, I had an interest in knowing its capabilities. Can they really decode my thoughts accurately? If so to what extent? Therefore, to test this hypothesis, I thought of a unique number to see if they could decode that too, to surprise me a friend of mine again made a Facebook status, stating the same number which proved me they can.

Although I don’t have an ability to affect thoughts of another person, strangely thoughts of my friends got affected when I was testing my hypothesis then the synchronicity that I observed provided me false evidence supporting my false belief. Which means, the cause behind synchronicities acted intelligently but in a deceptive manner.  

And then on a few more occasions, I tested this, I still observed the same, which convinced me that they can. Since the responses to my tests coming from one person only, I saw this as a well-coordinated work (These types of unique observations related to these synchronicities will establish narratives in one’s mind).

That said, this observation made me think that perhaps they mention what to write in the group that I believed to exist, so a friend of mine would make a Facebook status relating to my thought. Therefore, my careful observations proved to me that my thoughts are being accurately decoded and my friends are not trying to hide it either. Thereafter, I also tested if they could see what my eyes are seeing, again I had to make the same conclusion, they can. How about my intentions? I thought perhaps they still cannot know my intentions, however, here I clearly noticed, that they can know my intentions as well since synchronicities started occurring according to my intentions. Due to the way these synchronicities were occurring, I came to an understanding that I cannot fool this system in any way. I observed that it could decode my deepest thoughts at any given time and not only that I had to conclude that this system can decode any perception that I could consciously have/aware of. Even though if I do certain things without having an internal monologue(my internal voice related to thoughts) my friends would still know. This should help someone understand that I carried out certain testings as well concerning my assumptions prior to making a conclusion. And especially when I observed that people were referring to my thoughts, I did a careful analysis just to make sure that this is really happening and later I got fascinated by the technology itself. These experiences, the tests that I carried out, gave me enough evidence to identify this as a mind-boggling technology. Its capabilities are far beyond than anyone can possibly imagine. 

Paranormal events that defy the known laws of physics: The power cuts, sudden rains with lightning and thundering along with disruptions to my Internet:

This made me research into mind-reading technologies, but then again, further bizarre things started occurring at this stage. One day I was contemplating researching into mind reading technologies and then later that day when I actually started doing my research online, within minutes, I faced a power cut. I got a bit scared, and I was perplexed. How come that took place, is that a coincidence, or are they trying to stop me? And then I observed this strange phenomenon many times regardless of the time that I research. Do not remotely think that these cases were mere coincidences only, such logic cannot be applied to these events. It requires a proper explanation. On top of this, the last power outage that we had in my area goes back to months and months. If the cause behind synchronicities has a natural cause, what could be the cause behind these unusual experiences (power cuts)?

By the time I started researching into mind-reading technologies due to earlier observations, things suddenly became more physical now. Therefore, not only the cause behind the synchronicities indicated signs of an intelligence that is artificial, the observed events indicated that it could physically attack if needed. 

That being said, since I thought that NSA holds the technology, I thought that they don’t like me doing this research. How come they control me to this level is another thought that came to my mind. And how are they doing these power cuts? Here this strange experience made me conclude that my friends are taking help from the utility companies as well to disturb my activities since that narrative is already being well established in my mind. If not, how come? This shouldn’t happen. However, then I called their call center to know what was the reason behind the power cut, but then they told me that there was damage to one of the transformers in my area and they are fixing it. And now I’m confused, I thought they have contacts, but now I got to know that a transformer was damaged. Are they lying to me? If it’s really damaged then what was the cause behind it? Still, this didn’t make sense to me, and I still thought that my friends have some contacts here too cause I already believed that so many companies are involved in this harassment. This is not all, then one day when I was planning to research into mind reading technologies in an evening, this time, it started raining heavily with thundering, and I could not use the computer. Someone would remotely believe this claim of mine, however, let me say this, from this day onwards, this strange phenomenon also started occurring many times along with sudden disruption to my Internet. Regardless of the time that I research, I would come across some disruption. Again, do not remotely think that these are also mere coincidences only. In fact, the meaning of a coincidence is a well-established concept in my mind. It’s not rocket science either for anyone to understand coincidences. Therefore, these events confirmed my false belief, that people behind this work don’t like me understanding how these technologies operate. Therefore, from my perspective, they are doing their best to avoid this happening. This was the first time, I got to know the existence of the project called HAARP, although I believed HAARP was used, deeply researching into this overall experience helped me understand that this was another erroneous conclusion that I had. However, these experiences require a proper explanation and cannot be dismissed as mere coincidences.

Something to think about:

When it comes to the delusions that I had, my delusions were identical to people who are being labeled as schizophrenics, therefore, the underlying cause must be the same. In my case, I was disrupted by sudden rains due to my research, the experience that I had cannot be explained by chance. That being said, people who are being labeled as schizophrenics believe that they can control the weather. What does that mean? The reason for this belief is again synchronicities only (refer to the example below). Meaning according to their thoughts, they would observe changes to the weather. Although the medical community has been dismissing these claims related to weather control as delusional beliefs, the below experience implies that their conclusions are again due to anomalous experiences that they have. Synchronicities has played a major role.

Here the narrative is: I can control the weather.

Meaningful coincidental events: Occurrence of a high number of coincidental events confirming his/her narrative related to the weather control, which is “I can control the weather”.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.26.24 AM


Synchronicities through more dramas and advertisements. And abnormal Phone calls giving an impression of threatening:

The harassment got increased due to my research work, and I faced more and more negative synchronicities to such an extreme level. It was more like someone desperately trying to stop me. 

While I’m facing these anomalous experiences, I also started seeing synchronicities related to my life events from a couple of other dramas too, and these synchronicities took place to an extent where I could not go in front of the TV during 7.30 to 9 since my family members watch these dramas/shows during this time. I felt intense anger towards my friends, actors, scriptwriters, etc… Therefore, I always avoided this time and then started watching the TV a bit later in the night if I wanted to. During this time, new advertisements also started popping up on the TV, strangely these advertisements also showed correlations to my life events. In other words, these are also synchronicities. This made me believe that even people who work for these companies are now involved. Not only that, but there was also this channel that was showing a Friday night movie for some time. Now when they are showing the clip related to the upcoming movie, they knew exactly how to trim the clip so the conversation will correlate with my life events. Are they watching the entire movie and finding the exact spot to trim to say something negative to me? I had no explanation about this, and I thought they are using software to quickly identify these spots in movies, so they could easily trim it in such a fine way and prepare a clip to target me. If not, why would they spend this much time to do these silly things? This is not even worth it. Again all these assumptions that I made to understand my observations are still controversial. However, I was trying to find the best possible explanation for my observations. No matter what my beliefs are, I was still looking for a theory or a logical reason to understand my observations. I always used logic to understand life, my interaction with the world, but my reality is so different now, it doesn’t make sense anymore, but I’m holding onto these beliefs due to these synchronicities. Further, my family members and I also got strange phone calls during this period, sometimes no one was on the other side, but then at times, people have dialed our numbers mistakenly. During the time of these occurrences, I didn’t think that those were mistakes, I thought those were deliberate actions, just because of my work. I thought they are taking more help to pressure me since I continued to research. (Later I understood that even their thoughts are being affected to call my family members and me.  Giving me a threatening impression. It was evident to me that these were not just mere coincidences.)

Making plans to meet friends, and then I was attacked by a high-frequency tone. And then further threats:

Finally, after facing all these strange events, I made a decision to directly address the issues. I thought I should contact the friends who stayed with me in the same apartment as soon as possible and talk to them about my experiences. These friends were living in a different country during this time, but I was trying to find their contact numbers, however, at the same time, I also thought of meeting friends who are living in my country.

Synchronicities conveying a threatening message: This time thoughts of my friends got affected in a peculiar way to convey threatening messages to me. These are further indications that the cause behind synchronicities is intelligent but must be artificial. This is why there’s a massive number of human beings around the world are facing synchronicities. – People believe that spirits (because of intelligence associated with the experience) are communicating with them by creating synchronicities, they send messages from TV/Radio, they love to play with electricity, buzzing in your ear(tinnitus), spirits inducing thoughts, etc. All these characteristics can be identified in my case. This is not a spirit as people believe. It’s another delusion only. Note that certain characteristics related to these experiences can be identified throughout ancient times. Thought broadcasting phenomena goes back to 17th/18th century. What on Earth happened to Earth’s history? Is someone playing a game with humanity since our ancient times? 

While I’m making plans to meet some of the local friends, the theme behind the synchronicities got suddenly changed. Regardless of the time that I log in to Facebook, the very first post that I see in my newsfeed would be an accident or a post related to a dead body. Then a few days before I was about to meet this particular friend, I was attacked by a high-frequency tone. Why I had to conclude this as an attack is that the tone was mechanical, and it was extremely loud and intense, and it was almost like electricity running from my brain to the body. The electrical activities of our brains will not be able to generate such an intense loud tone. Further, this event took place just before I was trying to meet a friend and have a serious discussion of my experiences. It was apparent to me that this is an unknown weapon to mankind since only I could hear it. It was so loud, and I could hardly bear its effects. I did not know what to do, and I could not tell this to anyone since this would not make sense to anyone. I couldn’t report to the police either even though I had such thoughts and I had to bear it for almost a day, but then the sound went down to a level that I could bear, but still, this bothered my day.

After that, whenever I read mind reading articles on random days, I started hearing this tone, and that disturbed my day. Therefore, if someone assumes that it could be Tinnitus or some natural disorder that assumption contradicts with my observations. Due to the way, these events occurred to me gave me convincing evidence that I have been attacked by the same people who are decoding my thoughts. I could not concentrate and carry out my day to day tasks while hearing these mechanical tones. Very recently, I found out that it was the exact same tone (the less intensity tone) that the American diplomats heard in Cuba, let me copy the link:

How come friends would involve with such an extreme act? I was clueless; however, I believed they are involved in it due to my life events. By continuously observing these events, I came to the conclusion that they are threatening me further.

The chain of trust that I created gave me a new insight into the mystery, and that helped me to correct my errors, but mysteries never end:

I still decided that I should meet friends to discuss these experiences and there I met this friend. This time, this friend that I met seriously tried to help me by listening to my story. We had a long conversation that day, and I carefully observed his conversation with me because of the trust issues that I had, how he reacted to me, etc.. this conversation convinced me that he should not know anything happening in my life although I believed otherwise. I was surprised to find that he didn’t know, however, for the first time, I managed to find a friend that I could trust. And I knew this friend meet this particular friend that I thought who involve in this harassment. Therefore, through the friend that I managed to trust, I wanted to know what my other friend(the friend that I suspected) would have to say about his involvement. I did not want to directly ask this friend that I suspected since I thought he would still find a reason to hide the truth and avoid telling me the truth. Later that day, this friend who I met (the friend that I trust) confirmed to me that not even the friend that I suspected is not involved in this. Again now I’m perplexed. How come that be? That said, three of us made a decision to meet, and we met and discussed this for perhaps 5, 6+ hours, and that convinced me that these two friends are not actually involved. Since I started to trust them, through them, I checked if others know anything happening in my life and I got the same results, my friends are not involved. Basically, I created a chain of trust(clarify the involvement through parties that I trust), and this made me understand that the friends that I thought who involved, are actually not involved. They were having their normal lives. However, now this is even more complicated to understand. I have no doubt about my observations, cause I tested my assumptions even again and again. I’m not a person who would jump into conclusions without finding convincing evidence.

There’s a mysterious connection between different phenomena, that is including delusions, prophetic dreams, psychic, and paranormal activities:

I started having deep thoughts, how I ended up having such conclusions? What really happened to me? Why do I see a totally different world view now when I analyze these phenomena from trusted channels? Did someone fool me for such a long time daily? What could be the purpose and if so, how? These events were real, I wasn’t dreaming. To address these controversies, I decided to check Facebook walls too. Therefore, I started checking Facebook profiles, their walls, just to make sure that these Facebook statuses that my friends made and the things they shared on their walls in the past are still there, to surprise me I could still find it. If so did someone hacks their profiles or did they actually made these statuses, is another mystery that didn’t make sense. But even if this is done by hacking Facebook accounts, how can I find a logical reason for all my other observations? What about dreams? What about the synchronicities that I faced with live TV/Radio presenters? What about scripts on TV shows? Emails that I got? News articles? Power outages? The conversations that I had over phone calls? etc.,. Hacking itself cannot explain all the controversies. Having said that I still thought of talking to my friends and wanted to know if they have actually made those statuses in the past. If so, what made them do so since this should give clues for me to understand this mystery. And I called them, there I found out that they have actually made those statuses and shared certain posts. Certain occasions, I found out that they had random thoughts to make a status or share a post on their walls and then on other occasions, they had specific reasons to do so. So it wasn’t hacking at all, they actually had thoughts in their minds related to these actions. The most bizarre thing is that these thoughts always correlated with my life activities.

An invisible force has been influencing human brains without their knowledge, and that has made people perceive thoughts. And these thoughts have been affecting their actions which correlated with my life events. This was the reason behind the synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. My observations of these synchronicities and my erroneous conclusions were the reason behind my delusions: 

This mystery became so deep then I thought. How come my friends had these unique thoughts is another mystery that I should address now. To make a status or to share a post, they should have thoughts in their minds, and they should make a conscious decision. Even at this point, I could not take any of these as mere coincidences only, cause, this is beyond what I could consider as a coincidence, and this kept on happening for me for such a long time, and I carefully observed it. And I deeply analyzed it. I tested my assumptions as well, and I observed the reactions prior to making a conclusion. This is why I had to question the meaning of reality too, and I was looking for logical answers to this mystery since, at times, I clearly saw controversies. Therefore, by analyzing all, I had to conclude that the thoughts of my friends are being affected due to a strange reason although they never knew. By affecting their thoughts, their actions are being affected. And that correlated with my life events. However, this is completely invisible to everyone. I also realized that on certain occasions, my thoughts are also being affected. For example, there were times I switched on the radio just to hear them talking about me (the synchronicities). When this happened to me beyond a level that I could consider as a coincidence, I started wondering how on Earth I had thoughts related to switching on the TV or the Radio at these particular times. Therefore, now, I had to conclude that even my thoughts had been affected at times. This unidentified influence on human brains/minds is the cause behind the meaningful events or the synchronicities that I have been observing daily defying common sense and logic. My observations and the assumptions that I made to understand these meaningful events (synchronicities) made me end up in having false conclusions. This was the reason behind my delusions.

Researching online, you could find a massive number of human beings throughout our ancient times, claiming that certain thoughts do not belong to them, thoughts are being beamed to their minds. However, psychiatrists have labeled this as “thought insertion delusion.” Since, in my case, I find that my thoughts and thoughts of so many people are being affected without our knowledge, can we still say that “thought insertion” is a delusion without deeply researching into these experiences with this new insight?

That being said, I finally started making sense of my reality, and now I understand why my friends always rejected my accusations, why they got surprised all the time. Let me list down further experiences supporting this view:

  • There were days that songs kept playing in my head. This was a thought (my internal monologue).
  • There were days that I woke up by having the same thought in my mind or one particular thought got replayed in my mind every morning when I woke up. I was looking for an explanation.
  • I had thoughts of switching on the TV or the radio just to listen to these conversations, and they referred to my thoughts and life events. How did I know to switch on the TV or the Radio? How come I had these thoughts?
  • My grandfather switched on the radio many times and selected the right Radio channel, and that made me listen to these programs that showed correlations to my life events in their conversations.
  • I saw prophetic dreams. For example, if a friend of mine is going to call me tomorrow, I will see him in my dreams. It’s more like my visual cortex get affected so I will see the dream, then next day my friends’ thoughts get affected, so he will call me. Now if we think about the prophets, prophets are people who see dreams, and they hear voices giving a clue for something that is going to happen in the future. What are the prophecies? Future events that are going to happen. How it’s happening? Thoughts and actions of people are getting affected according to the prophecy. This should help us understand how prophets like Baba Vanga, Nostradamus are predicting things and how it’s getting materialized. Their visual cortex and auditory cortex get affected according to future events.

All this evidence implies that thoughts, our actions, and also certain unique brain areas also get affected due to some unknown reason to mankind. However, analyzing these effects, show intelligence associated with these unusual experiences.

Another erroneous conclusion: NSA has advanced technology to induce thoughts to human beings and to manipulate dreams, etc.:

All these were extremely puzzling for me at the time of occurring. It didn’t make sense how these events were occurring, but by doing this analysis, I understood that my thoughts and my grandfather’s thoughts are also being affected. Even at this stage, I was thinking that the NSA was decoding my thoughts. Therefore, I started thinking about whether they are capable of inducing thoughts to people by directly stimulating brains? If so, what about the thoughts that have come to my friends to make Facebook statuses? What about people on Radio and TV stations? I had to make the same conclusion, their thoughts are also being affected mysteriously, and this was the reason behind these synchronicities. Not only that I had to make the very same conclusion for the scriptwriters. Their thoughts are also being affected, so the content of the script will show correlations to my life events. Therefore, now I found some logical explanation to understand the observed phenomena, at least a logical theory that I could hold onto, which is that this technology is able to stimulate brains and play games with our perceptions. I had to conclude that our internal monologue is also a perception. Although our minds are not generating these thoughts, by stimulating unique areas of our brains (Wernicke’s / other thought perception areas) could make us believe that we are thinking. Logically thinking, I had to conclude that there are no words in our minds, the mind is using neural networks to perceive these words simply by stimulating the right neural networks that would correspond to the thought perception. This should happen when a particular thought arises in our minds, and perhaps this works according to resonance theories. Further, an AI can be trained to handle this process with the right technologies, so the neural networks related to thought perception can be stimulated in a timely manner so our minds will perceive these induced activities as our own thoughts. And this can be used to fool a victim and even exploit their lives without knowing they’re being exploited. Of course, we don’t follow all the thoughts that come to our minds but still based on the personality, we can still exploit a human being. For example, inducing a thought to a person who steals, we could influence his actions by targeting a victim, however, inducing such a thought to a person who would never steal would be useless and he/she would start questioning why they randomly have such thoughts in their minds. This would also explain why people with schizophrenia are claiming those certain negative thoughts are not belong to them. This claim must be true, cause in my case, in the most bizarre way, I switched on the radio and tune to the right channel just to hear radio presenters referring to my activities, and sometimes the lyrics of songs will convey messages to me. By looking at the above evidence, can the medical community say with absolute certainty that this is not happening?

What about songs that got stuck in my head? What about dreams? What about the sensations that I had? By analyzing these experiences, I had to conclude that this technology can directly stimulate different parts of my brain, precisely so my perceptions can be altered. At this time, I actually started believing that the NSA must have the technology. I can say that it was not my intention to create these synchronicities, neither any of the people who I thought were involved had such intentions, yet synchronicities just kept on occurring to bring distress to my life. Clearly, these synchronicities are not just random occurrences, it took turns when it cannot find a way to interact with me. When I removed certain friends, these synchronicities started occurring through friends that were known to me, and I remotely thought that this would happen, my thinking was that by removing these friends I could move forward with my life peacefully, but I was wrong, the most unexpected thing happened just to surprise me and distress me even more. This was a clear observation that I made. No matter what medium the synchronicities started occurring, it always occurred to bring distress at the highest level.

Further researching into neuroscience shows that to induce thoughts/dreams to human beings, a brain-computer interface needs a method that is capable of activating/suppressing individual neurons. That’s far beyond our technological capabilities. 

Therefore, I held to this conclusion for some time until I started researching human experiences around the world, and I found out that these experiences are going back to the 17th, 18th century even. I also studied to understand what kind of a brain-computer interface could reproduce the observed phenomena and by researching neuroscience I finally had to conclude that NSA/CIA should not have such advanced technology, neither any recent inventions can be used to reproduce the observations that I made. Such advanced technology must have the capability to precisely stimulate individual neurons of human brains. This is not easy even if implants are being used since that will affect a particular brain area only. Therefore, even theories related to implants (referring to current technologies, not future) are false claims that some human beings are having. With Optogenetics, today we are doing a neuron-level brain stimulation, but still, these are very basic technologies compare to a technology that could reproduce my observations. Nevertheless, by facing such an extreme situation, I understood the importance of having the right view and I understood that ignoring important data (due to trust issues, seeing as not important, etc..), not being able to understand the available data, not having enough data, will create delusions in our minds. 

Due to my research, I found out that people who have these kinds of anomalous experiences are sometimes claim that NSA/CIA decoding their thoughts and monitor them. These are again erroneous conclusions only and this error in judgement can be corrected by educating.  

That being said, advanced technologies must be able to do this. Therefore, when we analyzing these cases, we must consider every possibility to understand these anomalous human experiences, and we must let the data speak for itself. By deeply analyzing the firsthand experience that I had with these synchronicities, I have to conclude that synchronicities played a game with my life. I saw the driving force behind these synchronicities were highly intelligent and it goes back to ancient times. Therefore, the actual cause behind these synchronicities is highly controversial. 

It’s extremely difficult for a human being to understand the existence of these synchronicities. This experience defies logic, common sense, and challenges everything we knew about the world. This is why not only the people who have this anomalous experience have delusions, even the medical community and human beings in general.

An Update: 15/11/2019:

A highly evolved technology exists on Earth and they have been using technology throughout ancient times. Human beings are being exploited on a massive scale to develop AI-based applications. This means a highly advanced global civilization has existed way back in the past. After a global catastrophe, a family/a group of human beings has been running an invisible rule on Earth.

Please check the below link to see a high-level view of the phenomena controlled by these highly advanced AI’s:

10 thoughts on “The Deceptive Nature Of Synchronicities Sheds Light Into The Gangstalking Phenomenon, Schizophrenia, And Our Delusions!

Add yours

  1. Good day to you. I’m the person who posted the thread in the unexplained mystery forum titled: “support for us people who are deblitated because of anomalistic experiences like sychronicity and esp etc.” You commented on that post and I just came here to read your story so I could get closer to figuring out what could be going on here.

    after reading your story I must say it was very fascinating. And I could relate to almost everything. But unfortunately you lost me on the part about floating in your bed.

    I’m a rational scientific person who is suffering from severe synchronicity and OCD. But so far I’ve only exeprienced synchronicity.

    Your experience of floating seems to be a rare experience that far less people experience than the more common experience of synchronicity. In my opinion with all of my years of suffering extreme synchronicity just like you I would have experienced the floating at least once in my life and i have never experienced it.

    So with that being said since I fight to be a rational person and have had my share of the most debilitating synchronicities one could image, (without experiencing any type of levitation) I have to conclude that it’s more than likely not real and I feel that that one part of the story taints your whole entire story regarding the synchronicities.

    Your story started off very rational and scientific and
    I was really enjoying it and was close to a break through in finding peace with my own suffering.

    But when I got to the part about the floating it completely depressed me because it reminded me of other writers who dequised themselves as rational and skeptical but who are actually believers of woo the whole time.

    My advice to you regarding the floating is don’t claim that you actually did float without a doubt, but continue to question what actually happened without jumping to conclusions that you’re sure it happened. That’s woo woo thinking. But skeptical and rational thinking is always questioning everything you go through.

    You did a great job with this skeptical thinking with your synchronicity story but not so much in your floating story.

    Regarding your synchronicity story you said that you believe that we’re being controlled. Sometimes I’ve come to that same conclusion, and I actually think it could be in the realm of possibility due to the strangeness of the synchronicities that we have. But before we accept that as a fact. Let us both try to give other rational explanations a try before we make a final decision.

    There is a psychologist by the name of Kirby surprise who I mentioned in my original post on the unexplained mysteries website that you commented on.

    And I must say that his theory on the possible cause of these synchronicities is very powerful. His theory was the only rational explanation that could make me consider the possibility that it’s not paranormal and just normal.

    What I will say to you regarding the synchronicities is to keep your mind open to your theory, but alteast check out the research done by dr. Kirby surprise regarding these experiences before you make a final decision on what’s the truth.

    We must continue to study and never make a final decision until it’s the only explanation left.

    Here are links to 2 videos by Kirby surprise explaining his theory on sychronicity, please check them out and give your opinion:

    (Part 1):

    (Part 2):


  2. Hey this is me again, I’m just writing to let you know that in my original comment I listed the wrong website that I posted my synchronicity post in. Actually it was the cfi forum not the unexplained mysteries forum although I also have it in their as well.


  3. @Musicmatters, it was good to hear from you. After I come out of my false conclusions, I learned a very important lesson and the lesson is “depend on the way these synchronicities get manifested to an observer, an observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc.. ”

    And I also understood the importance of having the right view and I understood that ignoring important data (due to trust issues, seeing as not important, etc..), not being able to understand the available data, not having enough data, will create delusions in our minds.

    This is something that I clearly see in Kirby. He hasn’t researched into these experiences that much yet he had come to a conclusion because of his own experience mainly or he has missed certain important synchronicities or he hasn’t analyzed the synchronicities critically that are occurring to human beings on a daily basis. I was having a normal life and I didn’t know that these are synchronicities either, until I came to an understanding that human thoughts are being affected to such an extent fooling me to believe that they respond to my thoughts and my activities just like they were monitoring me. In other words, my friends, scriptwriters, people who work for corporates responded me just like they were observing and monitoring me as a group. I had no control of this as Kirby believe even up to this day. Although I believed that people who work for Facebook, Bloomberg, Guardian, Microsoft knew me, I have no clue their whereabouts either. I never imagined writing scripts for myself either in an extremely negative way to depress me. I’m not a person who thinks negatively about life. Then finally, I got attacked by high-frequency tones as well and at the same time, the theme of synchronicities changed to give me death threats. I had experiences that are similar to people who claim themselves as “Targeted Individuals” too, although most of my experiences were similar to that of schizophrenics. The following article is about Gangstalking phenomenon and again this false conclusion is due to high number synchronicities only.

    I read so many stories related to synchronicities because of my experience and I understand that synchronicities have fooled human beings to believe in God communicating with them since these synchronicities occurred in a positive way. Then I also saw negative synchronicities. For certain individual’s positive synchronicities made them believe that they have control over their synchronicities. Kirby has fallen to this erroneous conclusion. In my case, synchronicities are the one who made the decision when it wanted to interact with me. When I remove certain friends to avoid having conflicts(due to synchronicities), synchronicities suddenly started occurring with friends who are in touch with me just to attack me negatively. Because of so many experiences like this, I had to conclude this phenomenon as intelligence and it shows decision-making capabilities. It could fool a person in a positive or negative way and sometimes giving a false belief that they have control over it.

    Regarding the floating experience, I wouldn’t be mentioning that if I didn’t know what happened to me. If I have an issue with my observations and analysis, it would have been impossible for me to come out of my erroneous conclusions.


  4. Hi Sandi

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Your experiences ring true internally for me, from a gut instinct level. I have synchronicities and repeating anomalies in my life, which I see as positive, and my life moves along smoothly when perceiving them from that point of view. Positively reinforcing leading to more a freedom rather than negatively reinforcing which ostracises us from the very thing we exist in – this matrix / computer program / movie script.
    Once upon a time I was exclusively ‘scientific’ in my thinking. After a while, I began to realise that science as we know it – math, physics, chemistry etc – are laws that define and limited to this particular domain / matrix / created cosmos we live in. Constraints to what we can do and what can be done.
    Then I discovered other sides, the unseen world, and realised that there are different laws, different parameters that control those worlds. You don’t see them, you feel them or connect by instinct, gut feel. A ‘knowing’ perhaps. And that we are not simply of ‘this’ world, but are of ‘many’ different worlds / dimensions / realities at the same time, a mixture of science and spirit / unseen – so we cannot simply view what is happening to us and our existence ( matrix ) from a purely scientific point of view, the way we are erroneously taught in this domain. Thus many won’t consider real your bed floating experience / OBE experience because it’s not defined by science, which other points of view will and do accept and give reasons for.
    So much to potentially input but limited in this kind of forum comment section.
    You have much energy and motivation to discover what is happening. John Panella’s ‘The Divine Secret Garden’ series might help you immensely to understand and fight this phenomena. You must start with book 1, you must progress through at least the first half of that book with an open mind. If Your world is crazy to many who view it from outside. So all ideas must be considered in order to unravel some of these issues. John’s books are in pdf or MP3 format so you can listen or read for free, download them., go to ‘Book Zone’ and start with Book 1. It may change everything, and in my mind explains so much of what you and others are going through. Attacks to keep you from waking up to the true hidden nature of our reality.
    If you believe there are higher forces controlling our destiny, then those higher forces work hard to steer us away from concepts that might help. Our initial response to new information might be ‘this is madness or these people are crazy’ – and that would be the exact logic they would use to keep us locked in this perception prison we are in.
    Good luck, regards Andy


  5. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that the synchronicities that you are facing are positive. However, in my research, I understood that it’s not the case for everyone, people have no control over these synchronicities, instead, they have become a victim as I explained earlier. I understand this by having a firsthand experience with extremely negative synchronicities. Therefore, we must understand the actual cause behind these synchronicities due to these controversial data. I clearly understood an intelligence is behind these synchronicities and I had to conclude this intelligence as artificial intelligence. Which means it’s a program developed by humans and it’s a crime. And I had to conclude that our thoughts are being exploited without our knowledge and AI’s are behind it. This gave me evidence for the existence of a highly evolved technology. Since I had psychic and paranormal experiences at the same time, I had to conclude that this hidden technology is behind this whole experience. I observed that according to certain unique thoughts, certain paranormal activities are occurring in real-time. It’s more like a script that a programmer writes, for example, certain codes will be executed when certain parameters are matched.

    Evidence shows that a global satellite grid exists on Earth and it has been existing for thousands and thousands of years without our knowledge. This is the Matrix. Voices introduced the idea of Matrix to the world through Philip Dick, who was diagnosed for schizophrenia. I had to conclude that even the voice hearing phenomenon exists in the world is due to this technology only and this is why voices are intelligent (refer to the examples in the article). This extremely advanced surveillance grid monitors human activities 24/7 and it could directly stimulate human brains and alter our perceptions in real time and it could even induce thoughts to us.

    You mentioned this “Then I discovered other sides, the unseen world, and realized that there are different laws, different parameters that control those worlds. You don’t see them, you feel them or connect by instinct, gut feel” which is actually true, something definitely interacts with our brains, therefore, our minds are able to perceive it. Not everyone have these strange experiences, therefore, they will not have a clue of any of these. Note that it’s not our minds directly interacting with this invisible force, it’s the brain. For example in my case, I smelt things which shouldn’t be there, however, if I had the chance to do a brain scan whilst this is happening, a brain scan will give us evidence related to this particular perception. It will be the same in your case. The more you research you will understand this claim. Technically to replicate my experiences and my observations, this technology must be able to stimulate individual neurons of our brains. Therefore, we have to look for an alternative answer. Human beings have a common belief that a perception control technology (mind-control) should not exist. Logically thinking, this is true, the science that we know cannot be used to explain all my observations, however, by deeply researching I had to conclude that this technology has been existing for thousands and thousands of years. This made me conclude that there has been an extremely advanced global society. They have managed to keep the technology within their families/group after a global catastrophe. This is why UFOs also can be traced back to ancient times. And I managed to trace these families to Pharaohs who has built the great pyramid of Giza at the center of landmass on Earth. Evidence shows that they run the world through deception. Someone would say scientifically it’s still impossible to have this kind of technology but I see this as another silly claim only.

    If there’s an enlightened person who understands the existence of every phenomenon in the universe, then if he claims that certain things are scientifically impossible, he could be right. However, holding onto such a belief without gaining such a massive knowledge about the universe, that person becomes silly. That said if someone state that based on today’s scientific understanding and the phenomena that we have discovered in the universe and the calculations/mathematics that would explain the phenomena, contradict this view, I totally agree with that person. Therefore, I agree with you and yes, different laws and different parameters control this invisible interaction.

    Due to many reasons, I see that John also have a misunderstanding. If he understood the existence of this hidden technology, he will re-evaluate his conclusions.


  6. How do we help our dear ones going through such Synchronicities & becoming highly obsessed and strongly delusional due to erroneous conclusions because of meaningful coincidences as per their own narrative?


  7. I just stopped in to say thanks for writing this. I was lucky enough to see it in the psychosis reddit before it was removed, and it was very helpful in trying to understand what happened to me. I was hospitalized with psychosis for a bit in early 2018, and I’ve been trying to make sense of it for the last 18 months, without much progress. This feels like a breakthrough.

    For a while now I’ve known that my delusions were wrong, but knowing that never explained the constant synchronicities. Now I can see pretty clearly how those synchronicities created and fed the delusions. I’m not sure if I can agree with the conclusion just yet, as it somehow seems like another coincidence. I worked for an AI company at the time, and was convinced that they were behind it, and the synchronicities were constantly affirming that.


    1. Thanks JC for your comment. Hope you managed to correct your false conclusions by now and I hope this write-up would also help you in some way. If the existence of these synchronicities were known to me prior I facing these experiences, I would have never ended up in these false conclusions for such a long time period. Whilst the medical community has framed these claims as symptoms of mental illness, I was lucky to see a different perspective of this anomalous experience and correct my false conclusions.


  8. Thank you for you excellent work I have studied the phenomenon you show here for long time I like it if you could have a look at my Youtube channel it might assist you in your work. /channel/UCVczipbr6hUiMG_hHVdExzg


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