Advanced Ancient Civilizations – Physical Evidence!


1). According to Andrey Sklyarov:

“The first conclusion is this: Are there facts which prove that ancient times had an advanced civilization left its mark on our planet? Yes. There are. Furthermore, a technologically advanced civilization which was capable of advanced machine manufacturing. There are so many traces of this. We found literally thousands of cases of signs where advanced technologies were used. So in my view, the question of was there or wasn’t there some kind of a highly advanced civilization on Earth in ancient times? I consider this case to be closed. There was.”

2). Giza Pyramids. (3rd Millennium BC or older):

3). Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt: Abusir: 

4). Megalithic Enigmas of Baalbek Lebanon: 

5). Pyramids of Egypt and Sacred Geometry – Lost Ancient Civilizations:

6). Giant 100 Ton Egyptian Black Stone Boxes – Lost Ancient Civilizations:

7). The Story of the Enigmatic and Mysterious Tube Drills of Ancient Egypt – UnchartedX full documentary:

8). Evidence for Ancient High Technology – Part 1: Machining:

9). Precision! – Evidence for Ancient High Technology:

10). Bicycle Carved 2000 Years Ago – Advanced Ancient Technology Proved? (The technology behind UFOs can transmit knowledge to people. Therefore, it could be that these stone builder’s minds were influenced by advanced technology or these structures could be even much older than we think)

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