Advanced Ancient Civilizations – Physical Evidence!

For the past 6, 7 years, I have been carefully analyzing the data related to the phenomenon of UFOs/ETs, Spirits, and also the phenomenon of God due to the unusual experiences that I myself faced. These experiences made me research into diversified fields to understand the mystery surrounding my experience and the experiences of people around the world since I saw that these experiences showing an apparent correlation—and a correlation that also indicated a common source. By closely analyzing the data related to these experiences, one could identify this common source as a technology that is highly advanced; and not only that one could also trace this highly advanced technology back to ancient times by following the trail of evidence.

To put it in another way, the data related to these phenomena tell us that a group of human beings that descends from a highly advanced ancient posthuman civilization lives among us; and the technology behind the phenomenon of UFOs belongs to them. To find out more information about my research work, please follow the below links:

Since it would be impossible for a group of human beings who lived in ancient times to invent highly advanced technologies, this implies that a technologically advanced global civilization was existing on Earth (at least 10000+ years ago); and these people must have taken control of the world after natural/engineered catastrophic event. Moreover, here I’m specifically referring to a posthuman civilization since the evidence indicates that this highly advanced technology—which is the technology behind the phenomenon of UFOs—can even teleport human beings (Reported events since biblical times indicate that this technology can even teleport you from your home to a home in New York, Sydney, or even to a home in London). It’s most likely that when they were taking control of the world, their civilization has already achieved human teleportation as well. According to Michio Kaku:

“So teleportation exists at the atomic level, and we may eventually teleport complex and even organic molecules within a few decades. But the teleportation of a macroscopic object will have to wait for sev­eral decades to centuries beyond that, or longer, if indeed it is even possible. Therefore teleporting complex molecules, perhaps even a virus or a living cell, qualifies as a Class I impossibility, one that should be possible within this century. But teleporting a human being, although it is allowed by the laws of physics, may take many centuries beyond that, assuming it is possible at all. Hence I would qualify that kind of teleportation as a Class II impossibility.”

Source: Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel (p. 69)

Considering these predictions made by Michio Kaku, who is a theoretical physicist, we could say that human teleportation most likely possible for posthuman civilizations only since even for us it would take many centuries from here to achieve. In other words, if these people have taken control of the world once they have achieved human teleportation, then that means they have taken control of the world after they becoming a posthuman civilization; a civilization that is already familiar with highly advanced neural interfaces, artificial superintelligence, Quantum computers (or some other form of highly advanced computers), Atto/Zepto technologies (or technologies smaller than nano), etc.,

You might wonder if advanced technology existed on Earth in ancient times where is the evidence? Many people who investigated our history claim that there have been technologically advanced civilizations existing on Earth in ancient times according to the data that they analyzed and some of them even claim that our history is being altered and suppressed (many people claim the same). 

1). According to Andrey Sklyarov:

“The first conclusion is this: Are there facts which prove that ancient times had an advanced civilization left its mark on our planet? Yes. There are. Furthermore, a technologically advanced civilization which was capable of advanced machine manufacturing. There are so many traces of this. We found literally thousands of cases of signs where advanced technologies were used. So in my view, the question of was there or wasn’t there some kind of a highly advanced civilization on Earth in ancient times? I consider this case to be closed. There was.”

2). Giza Pyramids. (3rd Millennium BC or older):

3). Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt: Abusir: 

4). Megalithic Enigmas of Baalbek Lebanon: 

5). Pyramids of Egypt and Sacred Geometry – Lost Ancient Civilizations:

6). Giant 100 Ton Egyptian Black Stone Boxes – Lost Ancient Civilizations:

7). The Story of the Enigmatic and Mysterious Tube Drills of Ancient Egypt – UnchartedX full documentary:

8). Evidence for Ancient High Technology – Part 1: Machining:

9). Precision! – Evidence for Ancient High Technology:

10). Bicycle Carved 2000 Years Ago – Advanced Ancient Technology Proved? (The technology behind UFOs can transmit knowledge to people. Therefore, it could be that these stone builder’s minds were influenced by advanced technology or these structures could be even much older than we think)

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