We are living in the Last Hour But Why?


What’s about to materialize in the coming days/months/years:

I hope you will take the time to read this article carefully. You already know that the current events that are happening around the world are bringing so much distress to many people around the world. And that’s because we are living in this so-called last hour. However, what you didn’t know is that the last hour is a well-planned holocaust by a group of people who owns UFOs, to reset the world.


(Some major events that would affect your life could materialize on June 1st/2nd or before this September 21. They must materialize these wars before 2028/30 (their planned dates must be this year itself or within the next 2, 3 years).

A well-planned war is about to materialize:

A warning to Muslim & Western nations: Please don’t allow your leaders to participate in the upcoming war, since this war will create a massive humanitarian disaster on Earth. This is not a war that any of us need. It’s a trap. There’s a common belief in society that during the end times, antichrist(s) would rule the world. But what’s the true meaning of antichrists?

Some sources give a description of antichrists as:

7. An ugly, beastly nature: In Revelation 13:1-8, the Antichrist is portrayed as a hideous, 7-headed, 10-horned beast that rises out of the sea of humanity. The only way a beast survives is by devouring other things. That is the true nature of man’s kingdoms—fierce, bloodthirsty, cruel, corrupt, power hungry, brutal. Man’s kingdoms are built by conquest, war, and bloodshed. Christ’s kingdom is built on love”

He will deceive and coerce the masses to worship him and take his mark or face execution (Rev. 13:15-16).”

Source: https://mountaineagle.com/stories/identifying-the-spirit-of-antichrist,31908

Antichrists/Dajjals are people whose brains are mapped to AI Personalities with the help of neural interfaces. In other words, we take a mental clone of a person to develop an AI personality, and then with the help of a neural interface, we stimulate the brain to reflect the personality of the mental clone. Here, the mind who owns the body would live in an unconscious state while the body exhibit the personality of the mental clone.
People who own UFOs are already infiltrated our governments by installing presidents/leaders (many antichrists are working simultaneously to destroy nations) whose brains are mapped to artificial intelligence to bring a massive war. These bodies that are controlled by AI will convince you why the war is required and they will not stay on good terms (the AI personality that stimulate the brain is being designed this way) with other countries due to this very reason. Having worked for reputed organizations, I don’t feel writing something like this, but I had to make this decision to alert you at least this way. 

Due to a highly unusual life experience that I had recently, I analyzed various data associated with UFOs/Spirits and experiences associated with God as well. But then I surprised to find out that someone was using highly advanced technology to convince us of the existence of aliens, spirits, and God. We are being deceived and this a crime against humanity.

How to identify antichrists?

The only way you can identify them is by analyzing their actions closely. Their actions will make nations hate each other while making you believe that they care about you. They will not corporate with other nations since destruction is their main goal (This is the goal of the people who own UFOs and they have programmed this AI in a unique way to achieve these end-of-time goals). They will support wars and participate in wars instead of opposing wars. They will convince you that war is the solution(to support their cause unusual events will also materialize). If you find any of your presidents / leaders exhibiting these characteristics, you would know that you are dealing with an antichrist. Since destruction is the main goal of people who own UFOs, they were predicting these events to contactees quite often:

“Two thirds of terrestrial humanity would thereby be annihilated and die a horrible death.

 “The last sign of the banishment of the threatening catastrophe will be the murder of the king of Saudi Arabia, the point of time of which we have still not been able to precisely determine.” – If they fail this, they would end up materializing some other event to spark the war.


Please read the rest of the article to understand my reasoning behind this claim :

Without knowing the true cause of this reset, some people even claim that:

“The New Heaven and New Earth will be God resetting and recreating the heavens and the earth, where sin and the effects of sin will no longer be present”

Source: https://www.biblestudytools.com/bible-study/topical-studies/what-is-the-new-heaven-and-the-new-earth.html

You would know that the intelligences claim to be aliens were also referring to these events. According to Dr. I. D. E. Thomas:

“Some have difficulty in accepting the fact that these space beings are malevolent because some of the predictions they make parallel biblical prophecies. They have been known to quote from the Bible and to have shown remarkable interest in scriptural references to the last days. Armageddon is number one on their priority list.

Source: The Omega Conspiracy: Satan’s Last Assault on God’s Kingdom by Dr. I. D. E. Thomas

It should be apparent to you that “Apocalyptic events”, “Armageddon “, “Great Reset”, “A New Heaven and A New Earth” etc., are all connected concepts that give meaning to one another. However, this so-called last hour is not a natural prediction, instead, it’s a well-planned event and these so-called aliens or the people who own UFOs, are heavily working on behind the scenes to destroy the world by materializing these well-planned events. This is why these so-called aliens are showing this interest. 

What you find below are predictions made by so-called aliens and the Bible (they are the same since these well-planned events):

Predictions made by so-called aliens:
Nations are rising against each other in war:

“Barbara Marciniak, a famous New Age author and channeler: In her book ‘Bringers of the Dawn ‘, she documents what she claims extra-terrestrials from the star system of the Pleiades have told her. “There will be great shifting’s within humanity on this planet. It will seem that great chaos and turmoil are forming, that nations are rising against each other in war, and that earthquakes are happening more frequently” – For nations to rise against nations, they must materialize events that will make nations end up hating other nations. This is happening before our eyes today.  

Source: UFO’s: The Great Last Days Deception by Billy Crone p.242

Predictions of the  Bible:

Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.”


Predictions made by so-called aliens:
 “Increasing Earthquakes, famine, pestilence, wars, poverty and violence” (Technology behind UFOs will be used to materialize these events):

“In the last several decades, hundreds of books have been written by contactees who claim that extraterrestrials have predicted this time of Earth changes and have defined its meaning. According to our space brothers the increasing earthquakes, famine, pestilence, wars, poverty, and violenceare simply the birth pangs of our Earth Mother as she attempts to usher in a new age of peace and prosperity accompanied by a global governance.”

Source: Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman (p.104)

Predictions of the Bible:
Matthew 24:7 

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.”

Those who were not paying much attention to the field of ufology, let me also share some videos here, so you will know that I’m addressing a serious issue.

UFOs are owned by a group of humans on Earth, this is why we see the following data:

“32% were allowed to roam the craft without supervision;”

“29% were taken on a “tour” of the craft;”“

An interesting revelation from Table 6 is that the most common NHI seen aboard a UAP craft is actually a Human-looking NHI and not a Small Grey.

“Some described the Human-looking Being as a normal human-looking person.”- We are not looking at non human intelligences, these are human beings.

Source: Beyond UFOs: The Science Of Consciousness And Contact With Non-Human Intelligence (Volume One) by Reinerio Hernandez J.D., Rudy Schild (PH.D.), Jon Klimo (PH.D.)

Some of you already know that a few years ago, I shared my life experiences with you and made an attempt to get your attention to a crime that is beyond belief. To figure out what’s happening in my life, I had to engage in research work that I never expected. The conclusions that I managed to arrive at from this research work are bizarre. So, let me make an attempt to help you understand this.

What you see in the below URL are some of the data that I have been analyzing for some time now:


(For you to read all these books, it will take a considerable amount of time of yours. But once you managed to upload this information to your brain and start analyzing the world, you would know that we are being deceived, and these are planned events that must materialize before 2028/2030)

When you analyze this data, you will be able to create a table such as the below:


Basically, what this means is that most of the experiences reported in the literature on UFOs can be seen in the literature on Spirits, and Abrahamic religions as well. This is because people who own UFOs have managed to convince us of the existence of aliens, spirits, and even the gods by using this highly advanced technology. I wrote the below article to show you application-specific parameters of these experiences:


These parameters are all over in the literature on UFOs, Spirits, and even in Abrahamic religions. Further, by analyzing this data, you will be able to come to these conclusions as well (Please follow the links below):




(I need to rewrite this research material in a better way and also I must correct the errors that you see in the document. However, it’s a time-consuming task and I’m hoping to work on this as soon as possible in the future)

In short, what this means is that to establish modern spiritualism/spiritism on Earth:

I). The artificial superintelligence (ASI) was controlling hands to write automatically. (Neural monitoring data are being used to convince the given information about deceased personalities are true)

ii). The ASI was controlling hands to draw/paint automatically. (ASI was replicating the drawing and painting styles of deceased people by controlling hands. To facilitate this deception, the ASI uses neural data)

iii). The ASI was controlling speech organs to produce speech in languages unknown to the medium.

iv). The ASI was controlling neural circuits of brains to reflect a secondary personality.

v). The ASI was materializing and/or teleporting non-biological intelligences that have mental clones (mental clones can replicate the behavior, knowledge about historical events and memories, etc. of deceased people) and body clones of deceased people.

The form which appeared phenomenally to be the very personality of my mother in the physical form, but with presence of tangibility, voice and motion, again manifested at this seance, and with some clinging doubts in my mind, as to the possibility or probability of her return to earth in physical form, I determined to be more bold in my requests, and said, “if you are my mother, will you prove yourself tome and those present by coming from the cabinet (which was simply the back room empty) and speak with each of _ the friends present. The phantom, materialization, apparition, angel, or spirit, or whatever it was, acceded to my request, and I offered my left arm for support, but it immediately took my right arm (the arm my mother preferred in life to take for the reason that it left her right arm free), and she walked with me around the entire circle of sitters, shaking hands or speaking with each and every one of those present in the circle. One old gentleman, the first and only person in the circle outside of myself, to recognize the features, did so, as those of an old friend who used to worship at the same church as himself, in Toronto nine or ten years previously, remarking while conversing with her, “Why, Mrs. King, I used to know you at Bond Street Congregational Church, Toronto, where we worshipped together under the Rev. Dr. Joseph Wyld.” “Yes, “she replied, “that was years ago.” He commented upon the recognition, and added that he did not know before now that she was the Doctor’s mother. After giving me some information of a personally interesting character, and convincing as a test, she said “good-bye, ,, kissed me, and hurried back to the cabinet. Where am I at, or am I dreaming? Am I realizing that truth is truly stranger than fiction? The room was well lighted, so well that we could read a newspaper, or tell the time by our watch. Well, these phenomena are so strange, so new, so natural, what hypothesis do you, my reader friend, adopt to account fort hem, and the accuracy of description, the truth of statement, the naturalness of voice, the perfection of duplication, of tangibility, form, features and mannerisms? I can narrate and describe in detail the phenomena, but I ask you to simply account for them. Are they spiritual phenomena, such as are recorded in history, and in the Bible and Testament; and if not what are they, and what hypothesis will fit better than the spiritual hypothesis?”

Source: Dawn of the awakened mind by John Sumpter King- (p.28)

vi). The ASI was teleporting human beings and was materializing/dematerializing matter.

Grapes, oranges and bananas materialized:

“In October, 1868, a seance was held, at which eighteen persons were present, Miss Nichol being the chief medium. Each of the sitters wished for fruit, the wish being in every instance granted. The following were brought and dropped on the table around which the company sat : A banana, two oranges, a bunch of white grapes, a bunch of black grapes, a duster of filberts, three walnuts, a dozen damsons, a slice of candied pine apple, three figs, two apples, some almonds, dates, pears, a pomegranate, two greengages, a pile of currants, a lemon, a bunch of raisins, which, as well as the figs and dates, were quite plump, as if they had never been packed, but brought direct from the drying ground. While the wishing was in progress a lady said, Why does not someone wish for vegetables, such as a potato or an onion ? ‘ and even while she was speaking a potato and an onion fell into her lap.”

Souce: Nineteenth century miracles; or, Spirits and their work in every country of the earth. A complete historical compendium of the great movement known as “modern spiritualism by Emma Hardinge Britten – (p.162/163)

Mrs Guppy was teleported into a seance:

“Mrs Guppy’s teleportation occurred in June 1871 at a seance in the London house of the medium Charles Williams (Fodor,1933/1966, p.392). The ten sitters did not include Mrs Guppy. Although it was light outside, the seance was held in darkness as a result of the doors and thick curtains being closed. When a sitter asked one of the spirit controls to apport them something, another jokingly said “I wish you would bring Mrs Guppy” (p.393). A while later there was a heavy bump on the table and a couple of screams. Fodor continues, A match was then struck, and there was Mrs Guppy on the table with the whole of the sitters seated round it closely packed together as they sat on commencement. Mrs Guppy appeared to be in a trance, and was perfectly motionless”

Source: Human Levitation by Simon B. Harvey-Wilson – (p.140)

“Teleportation: (Kafitzat ha-Derach, “Jumping the Way” – People are being teleported to convince that God was behind the teleportation, however, these experiences can be traced to the phenomenon of UFOs. In other words, we are being deceived to believe in God using a technology that is highly advanced. 

“Teleportation: (Kafitzat ha-Derach, “Jumping the Way”). Physical teleportation is first mentioned in the Midrash, where the saintly Sage Chanina ben Dosa is instantaneously transported to Jerusalem by a team of angels (S of S R. 1:4; Eccl. R. 1:1). The Talmud lists three biblical figures, Eliezer. Jacob, and Abishai, who traversed huge distances at miraculous speeds (Sanh. 95a; Chul. 91b). There are several other accounts of angelically assisted teleportation, usually involving religious virtuosos on a particular mission, such as one involving Simon bar Yochai’s quest for an audience with Caesar in which angels progressively get Bar Yochai to Rome, past the palace guards, and then directly before the Emperor. Angels cease to be a part of later reports, and instead it becomes one of the wondrous talents available to the enlightened. Reports of teleportation were discussed by early medieval legal authorities.”

Source: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and MysticismBy Geoffrey W. Dennis p.255

vii). The ASI was controlling neural correlates associate with visual perceptions (here the ASI was giving highly advanced form of augmented reality experiences to sitters and mediums)

“An old relative of mine came out of the cabinet. I went back to the opening with her, and she kissed me on the left cheek. At the same moment I put my right arm round her waist and found—nothing  After an interval she came again, and for a second time I was able to satisfy myself of hernon-substantiality. Hypatia and Cleopatra both put in an appearance, the latter wearing a gold bracelet on the left arm, exactly as in my precipitated picture. I put my hand on this bracelet and found—nothing! As on a former visit in1909, she made passes over Jonson and stood beside him when he was on his feet; she was nearly the same height, say 5ft.10in. None of these experiments did the medium any harm.” ‘”Mrs. Z.’s guide, a nun called Edna, when she came, arose from the carpet two feet in front of me ; she was wearing asmaller cross than she wore two years ago when I last saw her. After stopping two or three minutes she dematerialised, and soon afterwards rose from the carpet in the same place as before.”- Notice that they were observing realistic scenes. They were indistinguishable from what’s real/unreal. Meaning, they were having a highly advanced form of augmented reality experience.

Source: Glimses of the Next State by Vice Admiral W. Usborne Moore – (p.324/325)

(I have mentioned in the below URL, how I managed to arrive at these conclusions: https://insightfulreports.org/artificial-superintelligence-asi-the-solution-to-decipher-the-mystery-surrounding-ufos-aliens-spirits-paranormal-experiences-and-the-god-behind-abrahamic-religions)

Evidence tells us that they have given similar experiences to people,  to establish Abrahamic religions and the belief that aliens are visiting the Earth. And on top of this, they have taken contactees in their highly advanced flying machines that we call UFOs.

Since there’s a common cause behind UFO contactees and the experiences associated with mediums, we can even find cases where they all were getting the same message, as if the messages are coming from a central source:

[Concerning a prophecy of a holocaust on December 24, 1967] “Meanwhile, mediums, telepaths, sensitives, and UFO contactees throughout the world were all reporting identical messages. There was definitely going to be an unprecedented event on December 24, 1967. Ashtar was talking through Ouija boards to people who had never before heard the name. Another busy entity named Orion was spreading the word. The curious thing about these messages was that they were all phrased in the same manner, no matter what language was being used. They all carried the same warning. …Many predictions of the December twenty-fourth disaster had been documented well in advance of that date. These messages came through in many different countries, from people who had no knowledge of or communication with one another. The UFO contactees received the same identical messages as the trance mediums communing with spirits. A link had been established. It was now clear (to me at least) that all of these people were tuned into a central source. My earlier speculations seemed true – the UFO entities were part of the same gigantic system. …Some of the entities were evil liars.” This evidence clearly shows that they are lying to us, and the source of intelligence behind UFOs and so-called spirits is the same. This is why communication modalities are also the same..

Source: Operation Trojan Horse – (p.282/283)

However, UFOs belong to a group of human beings that descends from a highly advanced ancient civilization. After a global catastrophic event, they have been ruling the world without sharing the technology with the rest of the civilization. Therefore, I found that claims made by Graham Hancock  is actually true. 

This should raise a question in your mind. How can there be a technology that is highly advanced 2000 + years ago? Our civilization doesn’t have an answer to this question, since we ignore observations made by alternative historians. You can find various supporting data for this conclusion by following these URLs:




Therefore, various evidence also suggests the conclusion that an advanced civilization existed in ancient times.

Nevertheless, once you are able to understand that Abrahamic Religions are being established by people who own UFOs, you will be able to make sense of the events associated with Anti-Christs/Dajjals in “The Last Hour” and everything related to end times.

People believe that during the last hour anti-Christ/Dajjal will rule the world because of certain claims that are in the Bible and the Quran. According to Bible:

“Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.”


However, antichrists are people whose brains are stimulated by artificial intelligence in such a way where the body will reflect a personality of a normal human being. Evidence indicates that people who own UFOs have already installed these people in our governments to materialize the end-time events. So some presidents and even some military leaders in some of our countries would be antichrists. To make sense of this claim, please read this article:


The actual mind of these individuals would live in a trance state while the AI taking full control of the body (This is the secret behind anti-Christ/Dajjal).

You can understand this AI control of human bodies by figuring out the reason behind the channeling phenomenon associate with aliens and spirits. For instance:

https://youtu.be/K6XAfG07_U4 – In this case, Darryl Anka believes that he is channeling an extraterrestrial intelligence that claims to be Bashar. However, Bashar is a personality that is created by using artificial intelligence. The AI will stimulate the brain/neural circuits to reflect a personality.

https://youtu.be/w5stFb0mwfE – In this case, JZ Knight is channeling an intelligence that claims to be a Lemurian warrior (a spirit). However, again what you see here is that AI taking full control of the body to reflect a personality. These are not spirits or souls of the dead. AI is being programmed to lie to us.

Since antichrists are people whose brains are controlled by AI, people who own UFOs can start these wars anytime by giving us an excuse. The Bible mentions the activity of the first seal as:

This first seal introduces the antichrist onto the scene as a rider of a white horse. This rider wears a crown and will deceive many with talks of peace, but he will wage war against the saints. – https://www.christianity.com/wiki/end-times/what-are-the-seven-seals-and-trumpets-in-revelation.html

This is exactly what President Trump did. Meaning, people behind UFOs used an antichrist (President Trump), to open the first seal. And he already deceived us by signing false peace agreements with nations. However, It’s a deception. We will not see the peace that we expect.

The First Trumpet and the antichrists:

As stated the data that I analyzed shows that in the last hour, some of the presidents/prime ministers’ (Including some military leaders’) brains would be entirely controlled by artificial intelligence. So there will be many anti-Christs installed in our governments to destroy the world with fire/war. Today, what’s happening in Israel/Palestine are the events related to the first trumpet and the second seal (president Trump opened the first seal). You may follow the below link to know about these end-times events:


It’s hard for a civilization like ours to understand this mystery since our technologies are inferior. But this is exactly what’s happening in our world today. At this very moment, our governments are being infiltrated by the people who own UFOs by using AI personalities, in order to materialize the final war, so they can reset the world.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu can also be identified as an anti-Christ because of his very behavior. This can be identified as the reason why he is telling us again and again why this war is needed. Why Hamas needs war, is again due to these so-called anti-Christs. There must be some leaders within Hamas, whose brains are entirely controlled by AI. By doing so, they can spark these wars anytime and label the event as a terrorist activity.

(To understand these military capabilities, imagine future wars with the help of AI that communicates with neural interfaces.)

All the other anti-Christs who are in our governments will tell us the same thing. They will entice you with words in order to support their final goal. And they will give you various reasons as to why they should participate in these wars. This is the simplest parameter that you can use to identify an anti-Christ or a person whose brain/neural activities are being entirely controlled by an AI to reflect a personality.

Because of the behavior of President Joe Biden, we could identify him as another anti-Christ. You would have already noticed that Joe Biden, never showed a genuine interest in stopping the war. Instead, he also deceives us by supporting prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Clearly, he supports the war.

Silent anti-Christs in the world:

Prime minister Boris Johnson, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President Putin, President Xi Jinping, President Emmanuel, President Emmanuel Macron,President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President Alexander Van der Bellen and Hassan Rouhan

Out of these individuals, presidents who are anti-Christs will convince you that war is the answer and they will give you various reasons why they must participate in these upcoming wars. And that’s because the final goal of these events is Armageddon or to annihilate nations and create a humanitarian disaster on earth.

Presidents whose brains are not mapped to an AI will try to save the lives of their people by rejecting the war. And even if allies request to participate in a war, a normal president /a good military leader will not participate in wars since that will destroy many lives of their own people, instead, they will seek a political solution. You might wonder why Austria flies the flag of Israel at this moment? If the president of Austria does care about the lives of Israelis and Palestinians, this is not something we could expect to see.

People who actually care about Palestinians and Israelis (or any lives of any other nation) will never say a word to support the war, instead, they will find a way to immediately stop the war. After all, our true enemies in this last hour are these leaders whose brains are mapped to these AIs and the people behind UFOs. If we fail to understand this, we will end up destroying the lives of many innocent people.

(To stop this war, Israelis must do everything they can to stop their government from attacking Palestine and Palestinians must do everything they can to stop Hamas from attacking Israel while pressing other governments/UN to look for a political solution. If not, this war would lead to a humanitarian disaster. It’s a trap and that’s exactly what people behind this crime are trying to create.)

Gog Magog War (The Ultimate Goal of the people who own UFOs):

The ultimate goal of this war between Hamas and Israel is to spark the Gog Magog war. This is where president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will come into the scene. Turkey can be identified as Magog. And Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will convince few other Muslim nations to participate in the war. If this happens it will give you the proof that you need to identify president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as an anti-Christ. A warning to Muslim nations: Please don’t allow your leaders to participate in this war, cause if so, the lives of millions and millions of innocent people will be destroyed. At least I hope you would think about your children before you let these leaders participate in wars with other countries. This is not a war that any of us need. It’s a trap.


At some point at the end of this war, we will see Armageddon. To stop these wars from materializing and to save human lives, if  Muslim nations start attacking Israel, you may immediately remove these presidents / Prime Ministers from power.

Prime minister Boris Johnson, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President Putin, President Xi Jinping, President Emmanuel, President Emmanuel Macron,President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President Alexander Van der Bellen and Hassan Rouhan

This is the only option you have in order to stop these upcoming wars. If not your countries will be nuked in the upcoming wars and it would create a humanitarian disaster on Earth. These people don’t care about your citizens, although their behavior gives you an impression as such to you. 

How Hitler was used to creating the current conflict:

The root cause of the current issue has nothing to do with Israelis and Palestinian people. From Hitler’s life experiences, let me show you where the root cause is:

You already know that the creation of the state of Israel wouldn’t be possible without the actions of Hitler. But Hitler was entirely controlled by an intelligence that spoke to him directly. In other words, we can see that this technology has been used to establish Israel in the first place. And that’s by bringing the second world war. The below experiences would make sense to you once you managed to understand that was used to Abrahamic religions on Earth.

Adolf Hitler: “Hitler first heard the “voice” of Divine Providence, in 1905, when he was a 17-year old youth, living in Austria. The “voice” told Hitler, he would someday become the leader of Germany, and would lead “God’s people” back to the land of their fathers. Hitler and his best friend, August Kubizek, had just left the opera when the “voice” spoke through Hitler. The voice told Hitler and Kubizek that Adolf would someday become the savior of Germany. The Voice explained: Hitler had received a mandate from god, and would someday receive a mandate from the people, to lead them out of their servitude and to lead them back to the land of their fathers. The Voice declared that Hitler had been chosen by Providence and had been given a Divine mission. Adolf Hitler was destined to establish a new social order, a new Reich which would be established under his leadership… The 17-year old Hitler had received a mandate to lead God’s people to the heights of freedom and back to the promised land. Kubizek was amazed and shocked by the voice and the transformation he observed in Hitler. Hitler, he thought, seemed to be possessed by a demon.” – Meaning, Hitler’s life has been guided by this intelligence for this purpose. This also means that the second world war is a well-planned event. And this helped Israel to establish as a nation once again. Source:


(Even in ancient times, people believed the voices that they heard. For instance, John tells us: John 5:30: “I can do nothing on my own. I judge as God tells me. Therefore, my judgment is just, because I carry out the will of the one who sent me, not my own will.” Hitler followed a similar procedure due to the voice that he heard. This is how Bible prophecies related to wars are getting materialized. And it’s because of this highly advanced technology on Earth. – https://biblehub.com/john/5-30.htm)

This is how Hitler was making his decisions:

“Hitler concluded that Providence “imparts a higher determination, and we are all nothing other than its implement.” It is in this light that Hitler stated, in 1936, “I go with the security of a sleepwalker the way that Providence commands me to go.”

His often mentioned “inner voice,” which he considered unimpeachable, was, according to him, none other than the intuitive revelations of divine Providence—destiny exposed. It was the same voice that he believed had saved his life during the First World War, ordering him to leave a bunker moments before it was struck by artillery. Hitler explained to his associate Wagener that the chosen leader was “responsible only to the Volk and to his conscience, and that has been given him by God, that is the divine voice inside him.” According to Rauschning, Hitler explained his decision-making process in a similar way, explaining that, “unless I have the inner, incorruptible conviction: this is the solution, I do nothing. Not even if the whole party tries to drive me to action. I will not act; I will wait, no matter what happens. But if the voice speaks. then I know the time has come to act.”

Source: Hitler’s Millennial Reich: Apocalyptic Belief and the Search for Salvation By David Redles (p.132)

What this means is that the establishment of Israel is actually a trap. Without establishing Israel, you will not able to see the prophecy related to Armageddon coming true. Therefore, the establishment of Israel is also a part of this master plan. And today these events are materializing before our very eyes. If we fail to recognize this crime, we will see another holocaust in the coming days/years. The root cause of this tragedy can be traced to people who own UFOs and this highly advanced technology on Earth.

This is the most bizarre crime I have ever heard of in my whole life. Human beings are being tortured by this advanced technology, but the victims are being entirely ignored by the medical community. This s what victims has to say:

“Here’s my story: I am a fifty-four year old, Caucasian, female, former professional model, property manager and writer, born in Dallas, Texas and have been a victim of non-consensual research and experimentation for approximately 7 years. I received my first induced “dream” (nightmare) in 2009. I first noticed being gang-stalked in 2011. Then in 2012 I began receiving Voice to Skull (V2K) communications; holographic images; and a host of other symptoms including: rapid heart beat; extreme heating of my head; vibration to my pelvic area; remote control of my urination; sleep deprivation; dizziness; remote control of my limbs (hands, feet & arms, including the use of my hands/arms to cause pain to my breasts, to choke me and to slap my face); remote control of my vocal cords and tongue; artificial heating of my entire body; numerous induced “dreams;” holographic images placed in my mind’s eye with eyes closed or open (including an image of myself in a car crash placed before me while I was driving); the “Sleep Canon” which induces uncontrolled urge to sleep; plus an ongoing story told to me by the single, male’s non-accented voice used in the V2K which conveyed a story purporting to explain why these assaults were being done to me.” –

https://stop007.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/over-700-torture-cases-from-the-americas.pdf : (p.498)

“Transmit their voices and those of others either into my brain or into my inner ear. (9) Show me pictures, or holographic images, of people, usually in lewd or suggestive positions and actions. They have even threatened to do harm to my family, showing a holographic photo of my son drowning. (10) Project voices and other sounds through objects near me, i.e., through the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near me. In addition, their device can “hook” various locations in my house, especially chairs in which I sit and places in the kitchen where I often stand, and also areas of my body so that the pervs can return to those locations automatically with their instrument. (11) READ MY THOUGHTS. Yes, you read correctly. This by far represents the most reprehensible capability. My harassers’ first instrument could pick up only a few oneand two-syllable words. When they later upgraded the device in the fall of 2006, however, it made my thoughts audible, spoken in my own voice, and also caused them to appear on a computer monitor where they could be read in their entirety. More recent upgrades in their software or their device make it possible to hear/read my thoughts a few words before I actually develop those conscious thoughts. The improved programs actually allowed the users to see pictures of my thoughts! Moreover, the harassers could induce thoughts and dreams that probably would not have otherwise occurred. Besides violating my privacy of thought, the perverts have access to my computer names and passwords, email accounts, the names and addresses of my correspondents, my financial records and bank statements, IRS returns, etc.” – : (p.539)

Source: https://stop007.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/over-700-torture-cases-from-the-americas.pdf

Where do they live?

Various evidence indicates that UFOs must belong to people who involve in the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbOldRsITpQ – Abstract performance to celebrate Switzerland’s rail opening

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-TKQaqml6k – Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vu3HPkR6vc – Satanism on display!! Gotthard Tunnel ceremony!

We can see that certain individuals who have attended this highly unusual ceremony seem to know ancient rituals. Since UFOs can be traced back to ancient times, we can say that whoever owns UFOs must also know ancient rituals better than any of us. So, I’m making a guess here to locate them.

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